Simple Graces

5/28/09 – Pontificus Minimus Opines

Simple Graces
Simple Words

Healing Power
Phoenix Birds

Ashes Risen
Heart’s Healed

God’s Blessings
Hearts Congealed

Heart’s Bursting
Hope Extended

Madge’s Mercy
Fences Mended

Hope Deferred
Hope Retained

Love Manifested
Love Maintained

Two Frogs. Photo by The Delta Bohemian

Two Frogs. Photo by The Delta Bohemian




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  1. The two frogs in the picture belong to me and my daughter Bethany–we both share a love of frogs–and our frogs get together when her frog visits during the summer. Yea, my frog stays pretty close to my bed! Actually, there is another frog in the background on the left–his name is Timmy and he croaks! 🙂

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