Delta Bohemian Seminars

Madge and I are excited about our newly developed, inaugural book study seminar to augment our quirky Delta Bohemian offerings at the Clarksdale White House. Having had a blast with our Clarksdale White House Home Concert Series, we have decided to add the occasional seminar in our Salon de Boheme living room. Our first event in this fledgling series will feature a Socratic book study of Mississippi native and Pulitzer Prize Winner Donna Tartt’s first novel, the contemporary classic, “The Secret History.”

This poor raconteur, while teaching school out West, working on an advanced degree in education, and recovering from a motorcycle wreck, attended a month-long training session as a fellow with the National Writing Project. Since having been exposed to the Socratic and seminar approach to literature and education in general, I have wanted to develop a unique approach and opportunity to investigate more thoroughly a contemporary classic in a collaborative setting. “The Secret History” seems like a fine starting point!

“The Secret History” is a fascinating, erudite, flawlessly constructed novel, which wrestles with themes such as: loss of innocence, major conflicts in literature, elements of a classical education prior to the proliferation of social media, the finding and loss of self, the dangers and opportunities associated with isolationism, and familiar themes including alienation, faith or the lack thereof, and the vicissitudes “coming of age” can bring.

To learn more about our first seminar, read about it here:

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DESCRIPTION OF SEMINARS: Didactic introduction to the novel, followed by directed small group discussions, creative writing opportunities, Socratic discussion and a concluding attendee summary and evaluation


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