Riparian Agrarian Prelapsarian

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Riparian Agrarian Prelapsarian. Kayak on the Mississippi River.

It is Riparian, Agrarian & Prelapsarian. Kayak on the Mississippi River.

Riparian Agrarian Prelapsarian? Riparian: that which resides on the bank of a river. Agrarian: rural and agricultural. Prelapsarian: innocent and unspoiled before the Fall of Man. #SEEKTHEDELTA, ’cause we got all three right here in and around River City, Clarksdale, Mississippi.

On the days I am not giving Delta Bohemian Tours (eight in last seven days, thank you, Lord!), I can usually be found on my kayak on Moon Lake, playing disc golf underneath the Clarksdale bridges along the fabled Sunflower River, or hiding out in the Delta touring my own self around—all the above designed to help me get my “head right!” The MS Delta offers a lot of “slow down” and opportunity to get some “head right!”

People from all over the world come daily to our ‘umble-yet-mighty hamlet and surrounding area seeking the blues, but finding a distinctive, American, Southern authenticity and felicity not replicated anywhere else.

I estimate well over 90% of all our touristas have two things in common shortly upon arrival in the MS Delta:

1. We often hear this mantra in one form or another: “I came for the blues but I’ll come back for the people.” They like connecting with us as we relate with them– serendipitously and Providentially brought across our path.

2. And, most say, “I wish I had stayed longer in Clarksdale.” We are real and one gets what one gets, but whatever they get, it’s gonna be real!

I am constantly amazed at the sheer number of people visiting Clarksdale, who have been on many continents, visiting notable cities and cool, esoteric places, who then find this gritty, Brigadoonesque arena one of their favorite spots to holiday. They connect with us locals and the terroir—both of which have demonstrably informed some of the most famous artists: musicians, painters, photographers, writers, etc.

This alluvial plain has been a catalyst for much art and ingenuity, excelling as a “people pump,” sending smart, nice, polite, funny folks all over the world to live and visit, where they are recognized as worth knowing and hanging around.

Our general ability to look folks in the eye when talking to them; to ask, “How’s your Mama and them,” even if we don’t know ‘em; and to try to find something funny in every situation while making sure everybody we break bread with gets a nickname, as having no nickname in the Deep South means no identity. All these assets bring folks back to the MS Delta again, and again and again.

We ain’ no Tom Bodetts for Motel 6, but come on to the MS Delta and “we’ll help ‘turn the lights on for ya!’” We are waiting…

Chilly Billy

P.S. Attached is a short video of Chilly Billy Howell, dubious docent for Delta Bohemian Tours, doin’ his maiden, solo, cross-the-MS River in a kayak voyage a couple days ago! This is the kind of stuff we get to do all the time roun’ here, so come on. Remember, The MS River ain’ nothin’ to play with, unless it is… Y’all have a good day! 

Riparian Agrarian Prelapsarian Chilly Billy on the MS River

It is Riparian, Agrarian & Prelapsarian Chilly Billy on the MS River

Riparian Agrarian Prelapsarian Chilly Billy's Delta Bohemian Tour Jeep

It is Riparian, Agrarian & Prelapsarian. Chilly Billy’s Delta Bohemian Tour Jeep

Riparian Agrarian Prelapsarian Kayak on the Mississippi River.

It is Riparian, Agrarian & Prelapsarian. Kayak on the Mississippi River.

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