REDS BLUES LOUNGE: Tips in da Bucket


The Delta Bohemian and Mary Ann "Action Jackson" at GZBC. Photo by DB.

The Delta Bohemian and Mary Ann “Action Jackson” at GZBC. Photo by DB.

A recent night in the heart of the Mississippi Delta in Clarksdale, MS, The Delta Bohemian found himself at Red’s Blues Lounge where Mary “Action” Jackson was singing with the All Night Long Blues Band, which included musicians Sean “Bad Apple” on guitar, “Big Boy” Martin on harp, Dixie Street on drums, and Cade Moore on bass.

In the words of Miss Mary Ann, the “Action Jackson” woman, she spoke the following:

“Take some time! Go in da pocket! And put some Tips in da Bucket! We eatin’! We drinkin’! We havin’ a Birthday Party! But we ain’t got nuttin’ in our tip Bucket! Come on, newcomers!”


If you wanna watch another video……The Delta Bohemian posted an additional video from their evening at Red’s Blues Lounge. It was DINGO’S BIRTHDAY PARTY.

Watch DINGO singing to the crowd![youtube][/youtube]



Birthday Boy Dingo at his party at Red's Lounge in Clarksdale, MS in the heart of the Mississippi Delta. Photo by DB.

Birthday Boy Dingo at his party at Red’s Lounge in Clarksdale, MS in the heart of the Mississippi Delta. Photo by DB.

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  1. Chastodon says:

    Being around the DB, does it make you moist, baby? Does it make you moist? LMAO!!!
    I love it.

    Ya know, I personally LOVE the Delta Bohemian. I think it’s just what we need around here….someone without a filter. We have to keep our filters on so much for the public and when dealing with the public & sometimes, we just want to let it out. 😉

    Dingo’s birthday was a blast. I enjoyed myself (as I do most times when I’m at Red’s). I’m lovin’ the footage btw. That photo of Dingo up there is sick. It, to me, sums up the whole damn night.

  2. Dixie Street says:

    Fun site! Glad someone is documenting how really weird it is here in Clarksdale, MS. When there is a heavy rain Stan and I vacuum our roof – I’ll call you next time. What a site to witness ask Madge.

  3. Thanks, Dixie! There somethin’ not right about having to vacuum water off a roof. I can always tell that something with significant purpose is going on out there! Bless you two!!!

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