Portraits Christopher Keywood Style



Portraits Christopher Keywood Style



Portrait Artist, Mural and Sign Painter Christopher Keywood from Clarksdale, MS.

Portrait Artist, Mural, Sign Painter and Delta Bohemian Christopher Keywood from Clarksdale, MS. Photo by Sherrie Schouten

Christopher has wanted to move away, back to where he was raised in Port Angeles, WA, near Seattle. However, after spending the last two months there, he realized where he belongs — his birthplace, here in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Christopher has found a passion for painting portraits and he especially enjoys painting what he calls “Delta Southern Belles.”

“I could paint these girls for the rest of my life. I get a thrill when I see the look on someone’s face when I present her portrait to her. What can I say, I get paid to paint gorgeous women and I love what I do so I feel like I’m not even working.”

Christopher doesn’t just paint portraits of women; he can paint anything. Read on to learn more about his special gifts.

Artist Christopher Keywood in his bedroom with his Marilyn Monroe wall mural which sparked a commotion for more! Photo by The Delta Bohemian

Artist Christopher Keywood in his bedroom with his Marilyn Monroe wall mural which sparked a commotion for more! Photo by The Delta Bohemian


Marilyn Monroe

Christopher has always been fascinated by the late, iconic Monroe, and often paints her. Christopher recently painted a 6 foot x 6 foot mural of Marilyn on his bedroom wall simply out of boredom. Once his friends saw it, it started a commotion.

Tori Beth McClain

Tori Beth McClain, daughter of Jason and Michelle McClain and granddaughter of Bobby Tarzi of Delta Amusement Cafe in Clarksdale, has been the subject of several of Christopher’s paintings. He did his first portrait of her in late 2010 in the hopes that others her age would see it and like it. He knew he could provide an economical way for parents to capture their children’s likeness in a contemporary fashion their children would adore. Apparently, it worked. Christopher has sold over 25 portrait paintings since then.

Now Christopher has added another realm of art with his new wall murals. Check out his giant green image of Tori Beth he painted on her bedroom wall in the gallery below this post.

A portrait Christopher Keywood did of Tori Beth McClain in late 2010.

A portrait Christopher Keywood did of Tori Beth McClain in late 2010.

Corinne Vance and Chris Buchignani Heaton

After seeing the portraits of Tori Beth, The Delta Bohemian’s Magical Madge hired Christopher to paint two portraits of her daughter, Young & Free columnist Corinne Vance. Another one of Christopher’s clients, Chris Heaton, commissioned a special portrait of herself and her dog, Jiggles, to hang above a fireplace in the new addition in her home.  See photos below in gallery.

Christopher’s inspiration

Christopher loves being able to pretend he is ‘tagging’ a wall like they do in graffiti street art. His idol is Shepard Fairey, a wildly popular street artist from South Carolina. (Fairey created a series of posters supporting Barack Obama’s 2008 candidacy for President of the United States, including the iconic “HOPE” portrait.) Fairey’s work has inspired Keywood to follow his passion and express himself in his own unique way.

Miss Del’s Garden Center and Clarksdale Country Club

After painting Miss Del’s Garden mural in downtown Clarksdale for Shonda Warner, Susan Flowers and Kelly Connell hired Christopher to paint some fun images on the walls of the Teen Center at the Clarksdale Country Club for the kids and teenagers. See photos below in gallery.

Would you like to hire Christopher to paint your portrait or a portrait of someone you love? He’ll do it. Do you have a sign that needs painting? He’ll do it. How about a mural on a wall in your home or office? He’ll do it and with glee. Christopher is passionate about his work and is diligent about getting it done ASAP. He doesn’t like to waste time when it comes to his work. He is a crazy man until he gets it done, obsessed with each piece until it’s completion. Contact [email protected] for more information. Visit our SHOP page soon to order your portrait or mural.

Kudos to you, Christopher, you Delta Bohemian, you, for choosing to stay in our great state of Mississippi; we are happy to promote you to all of our Delta Bohemian readers!


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