Pip Cowan Busking His Way to Mississippi

Help a Blues Brother Out

Pip Cowan busking his way to Mississippi

Is it any wonder a fine fella like Pip Cowan from the Land Down Under wants to return to the Mississippi Delta? Clarksdale, Mississippi draws folks daily from all over the world, who come here for the blues and most always come back for the people. We are a fairly friendly lot and we sure do love Aussies. No doubt!

We are sharing Pip’s story for several reasons: 1. He is a great mate. 2. He loves the Blues and Mississippi in particular. His last trip was cut short as he had some physical issues due to being quadriplegic, a result of an accident 22 years ago. 3. He is one of the most thankful Dudes I have ever met. I knew him on FB for a couple years and didn’t even realize he had a severe spinal injury until I met him in person at the Shack Up Inn, where he bought me a beer. 5. And, he is a righteous diddly bow player, using a screwdriver to play the one-string instrument.

Pip Cowan is busking—the act of performing in public places for gratuities—his way back to Mississippi, and raising money on his gofundme page. Pip’s coming back to Mississippi is the first gofundme project I have joined, and it is a worthy cause. Pip shares his story all over his native land with school groups, etc. I can’t wait to see my mate again.

Fiona Boyes (Australia’s First Lady of Blues, who also loves Clarksdale), Todd Laney of Goat Fest, Cedric Burnside and many other notable blues folks support Pip and know him to be a great guy and an asset wherever he goes.

I am going to share here the introduction to Pip’s gofundme page and a link to his well-produced video discussing his journey, which will hopefully result in his return to Clarksdale soon. I love this guy.

If you feel led to help this fine brother out, please do so on his gofundme page, and if not able, then please encourage him to keep on keeping on and the Delta Bohemian will keep you posted when he returns, where you can meet a righteous Dude, who loves a righteous place filled with righteous music! Gu-day! Chilly

“Pip was 17 years old when he had a motorbike accident that left him with permanent spinal cord injury. As a result he is now paralysed from the chest down, has no finger movement, limited arm function, and uses a wheelchair.

In the 22 years since his accident Pip has developed a passion for blues music and despite his injuries has figured out a unique and interesting way to play a one-string cigar box guitar using a screwdriver.

Pip’s passion for the music and culture of the blues has prompted him to create a project called Busking My Way To Mississippi, which will be collaboration between him and long time friend Ryan Coonan.

Ryan will follow Pip with a video camera as he busks on the streets of his hometown and region, trying to earn enough money to travel to Mississippi to discover firsthand what the blues is really about.

The project goal is to produce a documentary that explores themes related to living with a disability such as everyday life, travel, social engagement and inclusion, quality of life and purpose, and expressing oneself through blues music. And of course reaching for a dream!

All funds raised through this process will go towards filming and production costs, which is estimated to be $10,000.”



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