Nicolas Wambolt: Our wannabe Mississippi Delta Semi-Fixture Artist

Red's Blues Club Poster

Reds Blues Lounge Clarksdale Mississippi Reds blues club in the Mississippi Delta

Red/s Blues Lounge. Illustration by Nicholas Wambolt

By Magical Madge

CLARKSDALE, Mississippi

Ok. This is one cool dude. Wandered into Clarksdale town. Into the Mississippi Delta. Artist. Illustrator. Extraordinaire. Nicholas. Nick. Wambolt. Come back to see us, Nick!

Enjoy, pleasure in, feast your eyes upon, relish, reflect upon this fantastic piece of art by our German friend, Nicholas Wambolt, who drew us a picture, an illustration, a magical thing, of his experience at the one, and only, Red’s Blues Club. Thank. You. Nick.

Robert “Bilbo” Walker at Red’s Blues Lounge in Clarksdale. Illustration by Nicki Wambolt

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  1. I see Robert Bilbo Walker….and, of course, RED!

  2. And, it’s Big A on guitar and DJ Dingo in the background!

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