My Cup is Full, Not Half Anything

Poor William reflects while listening to some Junior Kimbrough on a Sunday morning in Downtown Clarksdale

Poor William with three of his children, Will, Linden and Galilee at Kathryn's on Moon Lake

Poor William with three of his children, Will, Linden and Galilee at Kathryn’s on Moon Lake


CLARKSDALE, Mississippi


My cup is full, not half empty.

My cup runneth over! Sadly, I seldom recognize it. One of the hardest things in this Dad’s and most non-custodial parent’s lives is watching the time approach for our children to go home from a visit. As Madge can attest, I become a bit manic, edgy, teary, irritable, sad—the picture is apparent—and I often wonder how I can even keep it together! But…

This year I had an emotional epiphany as I was leaving Clark House Inn. Wandering the downtown streets of Clarksdale, as is my habit on Sunday morning, I started crying and asking the Lord to help me get through the next day’s parting, regretting the many things that I had wanted to accomplish and didn’t…

As I was listening to Junior Kimbrough’s “Done Got Old,” I began reflecting on how healthy, well adjusted, and grateful my children are, and I realized that I should strive to be more like them. I should see my cup as half-full not half-empty…

Then it hit me; my cup is not just half full, it is full and running over and the only problem is my stinking thinking. Wallowing in self-pity and not being grateful was and is the problem. With God’s help I was able to keep it together and enjoy my last two days with my precious children instead of being depressed about what was not and can never be! I recorded the following as I was driving around with a voice on the verge of cracking, but similar to the title of an early 1960’s movie starring Glenn Ford and Donald O’Connor, I was “crying for happy!” Life is good…pw



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  1. Mr. Lil John says:

    Amen, brother.

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