Mississippi Delta Rapids and a Rider ‘fore the Storm

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Mississippi Delta Rapids

Mississippi Delta Rapids


Clarksdale, Mississippi


Flat lands got rapids too, ya know! The Mississippi Delta has long been heralded as having some of the most fertile soil this side of the River Nile; we ‘bout as flat too! Drainage ditches skirting crop turn rows are a fixture in God’s country and when it rains they get swole like Poor William in the gym when he is rubbin’ all the rough off the weight machines, which is about six days a year.

Delta Bohemian Back Road Excursions love to ease over culverts and bridges after a very manly Delta pour. Previously dry and slightly flowing ditches are turned into muddy behemoths beckoning the Manic One to jump in, but Magical Madge’s reasoning abilities usually trump my lack of good sense. But, not always…

The following video shows an impromptu video montage of one day after a good rain with a bicycle rider heading south on Hwy 49 just down from the Crossroads near Hopson Commissary and the Shack Up Inn, along with some serious turbid rapids on old Hwy 49. Want to see some back roads in the birthplace of the blues? Then, holla at ya boy: deltabohemian.com!



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