Mississippi Delta Deer Feelin’ Groovy in a Soybean Field

Answering the Call of the Great White North

Mississippi Delta Deer Feelin' Groovy in a Soybean Field

Mississippi Delta Deer Feelin’ Groovy in a Soybean Field


Clarksdale, Mississippi (VIDEO)

Huh? Great White North? Eh? I thought you were in the Deep Green South!

Mr. Lil John, his audacious brother Bunny (Platoon), who will likely not speak to me for mentioning him in a post, but maybe it’s ok this time, and I were riding this weekend behind the levee, which is designed to keep the Mississippi River from overflowing.

Well, John and I were riding our mountain bikes and Bunny was following us in a big-ass pickemup truck making sure the wild hogs didn’t get us. I ain’ lyin’! We had stopped to have a beverage on a mighty fine Saturday afternoon late in the day, when what to our wonderin’ beer-crossed eyes should appear, but a lovely young doe absent of fear.

The Mississippi Delta deer had been lying down in the soybean field when she popped her cute little head up and commenced to jumping. We admired her grace and lack of real fear (‘twas not hunting season, so she was eminently safe, at least on this side of the river). Bunny turned around to head to a spot on the river great for viewing and John answered a call on his mobile, so I took off again on my sometimes trusty two-wheels-with-no-motor device.

I had forgotten about the deer and did not expect to see her again. Her first sighting was a rarity prior to dark and we did not pay attention to where she went. Alas, she arose again from the beans in a different spot. I whipped out the evil electronics—they should be banned in nature, but being an innkeeper keeps me at the ready—and caught a bit of her felicitous romp in the row crop.

When she stopped, the only sound I knew to recapture her attention was the outdoor call of fictional characters Bob and Doug McKenzie, portrayed by actors Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas. Their comedy album, The Great White North, was hilarious to college kids and beer drinkers, a redundancy, in the early 1980’s.

So, a “real Yankee call” was interpreted by a Rebel yelling right smack in the heart of the Mississippi Delta. You just can’t get this shit in New York City, eh? Good day, eh! pw

[youtube width=”600″ height=”450″]http://youtu.be/8YwfPlVXxqI[/youtube]

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