Mississippi Delta at Night behind the Levee

Dinosaur Plant and Whitetail Deer

Whitetail deer at night on the levee in the Mississippi Delta

Whitetail deer at night on the levee in the Mississippi Delta


Clarksdale, Mississippi  (VIDEO)

Keeper of the field
Levee is his post
Stationary sentinel
Silent as a ghost

Riders on the night
See him in the breeze
Mandibles a jawin’
Seemingly at ease

What might he be sayin’
Or commanding o’ the night
Words lost in the void
Still watchman o’ the night!

[youtube width=”600″ height=”400″]http://youtu.be/VSMgvZrd_yo[/youtube]

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  1. Billy: years ago, it was illegal to rode the levee at night….as you probably know, the Y&MD Levee Board has “Fee simple title, forever”, which is just about (?) absolute control of the Levee property, including berms and rights of way…has this regulation changed, or are y’all just “outlawing”…??

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