Meet Meraki Job Training Program Director Ben Lewis

NEW! Griot Arts Inc continues to expand and influence in Clarksdale

Meraki Roasting Company in Clarksdale and Meraki Job Training Program in Clarksdale

Caroline “Carol” Malatesta, Leonisha “Leo” “Nisha” Gilmore and “Mr. Ben” Lewis at Meraki Roasting Company


Meraki Job Training Program and Meraki Roasting Company, a new destination go-to in downtown Clarksdale for youth wanting experience in the workforce and for locals and visitors to enjoy and support!

Needing to get a key from friend Katie Steinour, Manager and Teacher for Teach For America, led me inside the new Meraki Job Training Program building. I’ve been watching expanding changes over the months along Sunflower Avenue at the Griot Arts Youth Program but had yet to enter to see what it was all about. Wow! Was I surprised!

Inside I found a large, open, super cool environment, featuring several unique sitting areas and small performance stage, local arts and craft items for sale along with a variety of coffees to drink, Sweet Magnolia Gelato by the scoop (finally ­čśÇ ) and delectable homemade tasty treats…..and beer!

Once inside my curiosity led me to a friendly, handsome and smiling young man who immediately made me feel valued and welcomed. His name is Ben Lewis and he is the new Program Director for the Meraki Job Training Program and Meraki Roasting Company.

Ben’s energy is infectious!

Drop by the next time you are in the area and say hello to Ben, now a new Clarksdale homeowner with his wife, Staci, a fabulous documentary family and couples photographer.

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Read more about the Meraki Job Training Program and the Griot Arts Youth Program and find out how you can become a Tutor, a Volunteer, a Subscriber and/or a Donor. CLICK HERE

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