Layne Logue: Two Cottonmouths Fight For Mating Rights

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Screen capture from Video by Layne Logue of Two Male Cottonmouths in a territory fight over mating rights.

Screen capture from Video by Layne Logue of Two Male Cottonmouths in a territory fight over mating rights.

By Poor William


What do ya get when you cross a river rat, civil engineer, helper and re-supplier of river paddlers passing through Vicksburg, Calvin & Hobbes aficionado and an all-around nice guy? Well, you get some wicked cool photos and videos of flora, fauna, and killa sunsets! That’s what!

Delta Bohemian Layne Logue is an extraordinary Dude with an eye for capturing riparian delights daily as he transverses the mighty Mississippi River. Eager to share Twain’s world with appreciative followers, Layne never fails to capture singular, au naturel moments witnessed by few in the wilds, but appreciated by all who take the time to wonder at the wonder he captures on the 2,300 mile journey of the river that shares nomenclature with our great state: Mississippi!

Recently, Layne shot a couple of videos that city folks just don’t get to see very often: two male water moccasins or cottonmouths fight for the right to inseminate a female moc. Glad they were busy with each other and not attentive to our friend, Layne. He also got some sweet footage of a whitetail buck drinking straight from the Mississippi River.

In his own words when we asked Layne to comment on his adventurous life on the river:

“I love the Mississippi River” often… But it’s so much more than that. I connect to it. I feel a part of it. I belong to it … And it belongs to me. I was born on it in Chalmette, LA and live on it in Vicksburg, MS. It has defined me and teaches me daily. I am Layne Logue and the river runs through me.”

Please enjoy Layne’s videos and check him out on Facebook and Instagram. He is truly a righteous Dude! Thanks Layne! pw

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[youtube width=”600″ height=”350″][/youtube]

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Layne Logue will be joining the Mighty Quapaw and forming a river guide business in Vicksburg.

Quapaw Canoe Company – Vicksburg Outpost Grand Opening is set for April 9, 2016 during the local BluzCruz Cruz canoe & kayak race.

Logue is also the new Administrator for
River Gator, Quapaw Canoe Company, Lower Mississippi River Paddlers



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