Kathryn’s Restaurant Owner Opens Southbound in Helena

Mississippi Delta native John Mohead moves Southbound Pizza to downtown Helena, Arkansas

Kathryn's Restaurant Owner John Mohead standing inside his newest venture SOUTHBOUND PIZZA in Helena

Kathryn’s Restaurant Owner John Mohead standing inside his newest venture SOUTHBOUND PIZZA in Helena

By Poor William


John Mohead, Numba One Cooka, fine musician, and owner/chef of Kathryn’s Restaurant on Moon Lake is opening a new version of his Southbound Pizza, formerly located in Tunica, MS.

Magical Madge and I were in Helena yesterday, visiting several iconic spots, before swinging by the King Biscuit Blues Festival office to mention that Clark House Residential Inn in Clarksdale still had a couple openings for the 30th Annual King Biscuit Blues Festival, taking place from October 7-10. Y’all holla at ya boy if you need a room. 662-645-9197.

Not sure when the new restaurant was going to open, we decided to go check on John Mohead at Southbound Pizza located downtown on the infamous Cherry St. Natalie McCollum, Southbound Pizza GM, John and Jenn Mohead, and a couple employees were busy readying for their soft opening today.

Folks, we gots to support entrepreneurs in these trying financial, bureaucracy-ridden times. Anybody willing to put some serious skin into any downtown, retail venture in a Southern town deserves some love! We love ya, Johnny! BTW, Johnny, could ya put the unparalleled Kathryn’s salad on the menu?

Southbound will open up for lunch for a couple weeks before expanding its hours. It does have a full liquor license and the menu will not be static. Check out the following spontaneous interview with John, and be sure and check out his new restaurant venture in Helena. Cheers! pw

Southbound Pizza in Helena
233 Cherry Street

WATCH VIDEO INTERVIEW about Southbound in Helena

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  1. Well, hello there stranger. 🙂
    Just happen to see you post on fb and wanted to say hey. Didn’t know that you had a business downtown…that’s great!! ^_^ Will have to come by and see ya…and grab a PIZZA. Good business to be in because everybody got a eat!! lol 😀
    Still doing the music, I’m sure and we’ll have to crank some music out together.
    Glad to have you in Helena. God Bless, your old friend…Karen

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