IT Will Get You if You Let IT

Words of wisdom from Mattie Louise Tomlinson via Martha Jane

Martha Jane Howell holding after dinner libation

Martha Jane Howell holding after dinner libation


Clarksdale, Mississippi


IT! What IT is? IT is what IT is! That’s IT! But also, IT is a personal, genderless, subjective or objective pronoun. IT takes the place of a noun and often refers back to some object in the sentence. But what is IT? It ain’ all that complicated is IT? Okay, enough Abbott and Costello!

My maternal grandmother, Mattie Louise Tomlinson (Granny), the materfamilias on my Mama’s side of the family, was a sagacious and practical woman. My Mama often quotes her commonsensical wisdom. One of her favorite sayings regarding fear of things that might happen, but haven’t and might never, is as follows:

“I would rather IT get me than live in fear of IT getting me, whatever IT is!”

Ain’ it the damn truth! I spend more time worrying about stuff that might not happen, likely won’t happen, but could happen. Worrying about IT ain’ gonna do anything but make me sick in the short run, and I would be better off not worrying about IT, until IT happens; if IT ever does. The possibility of IT is not real, because IT hasn’t happened and might not!

Scripture iterates that we should not worry about tomorrow because today has enough worries of its own. So, I need to stop worrying about IT getting me and just let IT happen when IT happens, whatever and whenever IT might be! Thanks for the quote Granny, and the reminder, Mama! Much appreciated! Now, I got to get back to looking for IT! IT might be just around the corner! pw


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