I Saw the Future

Pontificus Minimus Opines

Pontificus lacks some serious patience. This makes him a very selfish man. Very being a defining adverb. Oh, he spouts rhetoric about the importance of being others-centered, but he sure does struggle practicing what he so often preaches.

How will you use your hands? Photo by The Delta Bohemian

How will you use your hands? Photo by The Delta Bohemian

Does this hypocrisy make him a hypocrite? Yes and no! Got to give the Shiftless One a little break for admitting what a sorry lad he is. As we say down South, “Ooh, he ought-a-be shame on hisself!”

The lad struggles daily with the reality of the Apostle Paul’s reflection as discussed in his most excellent letter to the Church in Rome. Paul writes, “I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.”

Recently, Pontificus saw the future, so to speak. In one of his income-securing endeavors he realized the importance of patience—that thing he ain’t waiting too patiently on. A client was trying to locate him and Pontificus was attempting to “guide him” via the telephone. Well, it devolved into a comedy of errors and Pontificus was not rude, but he could have been more patient.

When he finally met the couple, who were trying to locate him, he realized the man was elderly, toting around an oxygen tank, and in ill health. Again, Pontificus was not rude, but he realized how important it is to always give folks the benefit of the doubt when we lack understanding about their predicament.

Pontificus also saw his likely lot in life, should God spare him for a few more seasons. When frailty has its hold on him, he sure prays God will send someone his way who will treat him with compassion, understanding, and love. He should do the same for all others, starting today! Lord help me!


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  1. Don’t worry PW, I’m sure that one day when you are drooling and crapping all over yourself there will be a line of folks willing to swat the flies off your head. Sorry pal, but I had to take the shot.

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