There were many delicacies to eat and taste during FRENCH NIGHT MADIDI. Photo by Rachel Bush.

There were many delicacies to eat and taste during FRENCH NIGHT MADIDI. Photo by Rachel Bush.

(CLARKSDALE, Mississippi)

Talented Rachel Bush attended FRENCH NIGHT on Saturday, January 8, 2011. Rachel is a Junior at Delta State University and is working on her graphics major as well as a minor in photography. The “Back of the House” was Rachel’s primary focus for the special night. To see more photographs from the night that were taken by gifted Mississippi photographer Langdon Clay, feel free to peruse our previous post about this unique event in the heart of the Mississippi Delta in Clarksdale.

There are some additional photographs  below which were submitted by Callie Riddell, a recent Le Cordon Bleu graduate, who is currently serving a Chef Internship in the Kitchen.


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  1. What a lovely cuisine!!! I simply must eat out at Madidi!!! I have so many reasons for wanting to eat at that fabulous restaurant! Not only for the wonderful food, but I am a huge fan of Bill Luckett, who WILL become our next Governor of Mississippi!!!! He is not a career politician, but, I, as are so many of my friends, are well aware that he is a businessman and an attorney. He is a wonderful family man as well. Bill seeks to move our State forward, in an effort to raise it up out of the very last in just about everything! That includes giving Mississippi workers a respectable wage/salary. Believe me, I am all for that because in the years before the casinos of the Mississippi Gulf Coast were ever thought of, much less erected, as a single mother one one daughter, I had to leave my home in Gulfport, and move us to New Orleans so that I could try to get ahead relative to a descent quality of living for both of us! In so doing, I had to leave my elderly mother, and I didn’t want to have to make such a choice as I ultimately had to make. That’s why I am so strongly for better wages for Mississippi workers.

    • I eagerly await your arrival, Kathryn, to Madidi and Clarksdale. Bill was in the restaurant for dinner with Morgan last night and we enjoyed visiting about you and your enthusiastic comments on The Delta Bohemian and on Facebook. Bill appreciates your support and your willingness to tell others about his campaign.

      See you soon!

  2. Wonderful to see all the activity in the kitchen on French Night at Madidi’s last month. I understand better on how all that wonderful & unique cuisine made it to our tables so efficiently. These “behind the scenes photos” are Great!

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