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Owner of Po Monkey's Willie Seaberry with Magical Madge in the background. Photo by Delta Bohemian Gordon Yamamoto

Owner of Po Monkey’s Willie Seaberry with Magical Madge in the background. Photo by Delta Bohemian Gordon Yamamoto

The Delta Bohemians recently visited the infamous Po Monkey’son a R&B Deejay Thursday night. Po Monkey’s is located just outside Merigold, MS in Bolivar County on a gravel road next to a farm field.

Felt like home away from home for this Delta Bohemian. Reminded me of many a night spent juking in my youth among friends who just want to have a good time. Back in the day, we would inhabit an abandoned tenant shack and make it our own until we were run out by the land owner. Po Monkey’s surely sprung out of this same yearning to have a place to unwind, kick it with friends, drink some liquor or brew and dance to music that makes you forget your troubles while transporting you to a place that feels right and is right.

This particular night at Po Monkey’s The Delta Bohemians attended the famous juke joint with two friends, Delta Bohemian Semi-Fixture and Almeda, California resident Gordon Yamamoto and a new NOLA friend Jeffrey Collins. Prior to our visit, we stopped by Crawdaddy’s in Merigold for some grub.

The juke joint was packed and the R&B was pumping a vibration felt deep in our bones. Pool tables were occupied, seats were filled and the dance floor was never without bodies. There was a wonderful mixture of folks–white, black, young, old, locals, tourists, semi-fixtures, Teach for America cohorts, and one Japanese fellow, all sitting at the same tables. The owner, Willie Seaberry, was ever present and always willing to have his picture taken. He is a sweet man….

The video is short but will give you a small taste of how it sounded on this night in a place that personifies much of why we love the Mississippi Delta so much; it resides deep within our bones with an understanding and familiarity that is hard to explain. It just felt like home. God Bless and Long Live Po Monkey’s and Willie Seaberry.

Watch on YouTube or watch the video below.

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  1. Good times! (By the way, that’s friend Jean-Pierre Urbain talking with Jeff Konkel and I. Jean-Pierre is a journalist for the wonderful French blues magazine ABS — as well as an economics professor in “real life”! He also has great taste in wine.)

    • No doubt you told me this that night, Roger, but my brain fails me. Hola, Jean-Pierre Urbain. I need to see this magazine next time I’m in Cat Head. Hope to meet him, too.

      Being a french man, I bet he could really enlighten me on some vino. I just know it makes me crazy. 😎

  2. Great photos! That was a fun night. Glad you were able to hang with Duck at the Blue Front, too!

    • I coulda stayed until it closed but my baby had a lemming moment and when that hits we gotta run. Let’s do it again soon! I love it a Po Monkey’s.

      We would love to spend an evening with you and Roger soon. I know you are busy with your new documentary! How’s it going?

  3. David Cope says:

    Po Monkey’s is a truly unique place. A couple of years ago my wife (Mary) and I were hunting a Geocache that was across the road from Po Monkey’s, so we decided to look the property over. After we had walked around the place and set off the “alarm” we looked around and who drives up but Po Monkey himself. He got out and introduced himself and invited us in (it was about 10am). He told us he had to go in and turn on the A/C for the wedding reception of his boss’s daughter. The inside was amazing with stuffed monkeys hanging from the ceiling and the walls covered with post cards. Some day we’re going to have to get back there when he is open.
    Thanks for the pictures, I know y’all had a great time there.
    David Cope

    • David,
      We did have a great evening…it just ended too soon. Ha.

      Tell me more about you and Mary and your visit. When were you in the Delta? Where else did you go? How did you find The Delta Bohemian? Welcome!

      The Delta is waiting for your return!

  4. Gordon Yamamoto says:

    Hey Gang,

    It’s Monday afternoon in suburban Walnut Creek, CA…miles and attitudes far, far from Po’ Monkey’s! This is the first opportunity for me to see your article on full sized computer…my BlackBerry screen just didn’t permit! I didn’t realize you shot so many photos of me, but I’m really proud of the fact that you captured my efforts to befriend Super Pool Player, James!! I travel all over Southern Louisiana, and the Mississippi Delta because of evenings like we shared at Po’ Monkey’s!! I never tire of reminding Willie that he’s Rich Monkey!! But then, we’re ALL richer for the experiences he provides, yes? Thanks again, Madge and Billy for joining me there!! My next visit we invade Blue Front Cafe and my good friend, Jimmy “Duck” Holmes! ~YAMO, Y’ALL !!

  5. David Cope says:

    Mary and I live in West Helena. I’ve been here since 1972 and Mary since 2004. We travel all over the delta during our Geocaching adventures. I found a link to your website through my Facebook friend Kim Williams. Mary and I run the Wild Hog Saloon for our bike group. Come down on Tuesday for our Movie Nite @ 7:30pm. We’re showing True Grit this Tuesday. No admission and free popcorn.

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