A Delta Sigh Blessing

A Radioland audio nugget from Poor William and Magical Madge

A Sunset in the Mississippi Delta - imparting a Delta Sigh Blessing

Photo of a Sunset in the Mississippi Delta while driving along Highway 61 – imparting a Delta Sigh Blessing

A Delta Sigh Blessing

Sunsets in the Mississippi Delta often impart a Delta Sigh Blessing.

A RADIOLAND nugget from Magical Madge and Poor William while driving in the Mississippi Delta. Read along while you listen to the Radioland audio in the VIDEO.


Magical Madge: It’s important to note when we take a long sigh. When we actually slow down enough to take a happy sigh. Right? What is that, Billy?

Poor William: I think it was a cat.

MM: Ok. And that when we drive out in the country and come out to Moon Lake we find ourselves taking that big deep <<sigh>>, where you inhale deeply and you exhale slowly.

PW: I kinda inhale deeply and then go highhigh. Sometimes you gotta get it out fast.

No but it’s true. You drive out here, and we haven’t been out here in a minute. How y’all doing out there in Radioland? This is Poor William with The Delta Bohemian. I haven’t hollered at y’all in awhile.

But this is Junior Kimbrough in the background and that’s alright. I ain’t real sure I’m gonna turn in yet ‘cause I love me some Junior Kimbrough. But anyway….

We haven’t been out here in a minute and I don’t get my same relief if I’m not out here in the outback, The Delta, where green things grow and everything that grows is green.

But we ‘bout to get back out here to the lake straight time. But I used to sigh. I would notice, the only time that I would visibly sigh was when I would start leaving town, headin’ out here or headin’ out on a Delta Bohemian Tour. Getting’ out amongst the fields and the rows and where reality lies. But it lies so dormant.

It lies just waiting on any type of rain or sunshine. But mostly it waits on people to appreciate it because thankfulness is the gear that shifts the entire universe. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

MM: Amen.

PW: Anyway. So we’re rollin’ out to Moon Lake. But I noticed, I sigh, it takes longer to sigh getting’ out here.

I used to sigh around Coahoma Community College comin’ out the Friars Point Road. Then I’d get a little closer to the two-fisted burger spot, Kenoy’s. And then it would be almost to Highway 1. Today I sighed just about a mile down the road. That tells me I’m about sighed out.

So I got to get on back out here. It’s taking too long to sigh. And a long sigh…..just really ain’t no sigh at all. So I want to start my sigh earlier. <<sigh>>

How y’all doin’? Come to the Mississippi Delta!

MM: Look at that. Isn’t that beautiful?!

PW: Them red lilies is alright.

MM: So beautiful.

PW: Thank you, Junior Kimbrough.

MM: Oh, man. So beautiful!


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