Delta Bohemian Tours Love Jeep

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Poor William in his Delta Bohemian Tours Love Jeep

Poor William in his Delta Bohemian Tours Love Jeep

Introducing Delta Bohemian Tours Love Jeep

CLARKSDALE, Mississippi

Hey Man, and Babes everywhere, this is Poor William back at the ‘puter, ready to write mostly inane chatter about this deliciously cool place we get to call home: The Mississippi Delta.

I know some folks who knew me when I left for over 20 years, saying, “I ain’ comin’ back!” Well, I was wrong and damn glad I was. Comin’ on back got me a cool-ass, smokin’ hot wife, a renewal of acquaintances—at least those who ain’ too ashamed of me, and the ability to connect with folks from all over the world who “get” the Delta better than a lot of us! Also, I get to hear intimate music any night of the week, right here in River City.

Magical Madge and I started this thing called The Delta Bohemian® about 5 1/2 years ago, prompted by an “unction!’ We ain’ real regular, we sho’ nuff quirky, and we can bring the property values down just about anywhere we land, but we are happier than pigs in slop. We love this place called home!

We started the Delta Bohemian Tours about three years ago; the catalyst being an increasing interest by tourists wanting to know more about what informed the blues, and a result of me giving gratis tours to people I connected with at Clark House Inn, where I do a lil inn keeping! (see below photo on our first Delta Bohemian Tours ride with Charlie Musselwhite!)

The old multi-stickered Jeep Liberty with over 100K miles on it did not have air-condition, the CD player worked intermittently, and rather than clean it, it just seemed prudent to get a new ride. Plus, the monthly payment costs me less than the monthly repairs.  🙄

It’s a base model, void of electric doors and windows, but it is a beast nonetheless. The selling point? CJ Cooper, Collierville Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram’s awesome sales person, a home girl from Greenwood, told me without knowing my propensity to do stupid stuff like riding through floods that I can drive the Love Jeep through water up to the top half of the headlights and nothing will get hurt! SOLD!

Why do I call it the Love Jeep? ‘Cause I love it…and you will too! Holla at ya Boy: Poor William. I’m ready to ride!!! PW

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