I Am Not Defined By My Past; I Am Defined By My Dreams

Delta Bohemian Corinne Vance from Clarksdale, MS

Young and Free Delta Bohemian Columnist Corinne Vance on a RR track in the Mississippi Delta

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By Corinne Vance
(Clarksdale, Mississippi)

Does who you have been define who you can be? And does who you can be define who you will be? Is your future limited based on how good or bad you were in the past or how much potential someone else thinks you have or don’t have? Are we all as good as we are going to get, or is there a brighter horizon somewhere ahead of us?

I have dreams for my future larger than any billboard could display. A passion more tremendous than the vast ocean. And hopes more dazzling than any diamond in the world. But there are parts of my past that don’t shine as brightly. So does that mean I am restricted to being a duller shade of my hopes and dreams?

Often people who fall down take their dreams down with them. Because of our stumble we believe that those high hopes we once had for ourselves are now out of reach. We start selling ourselves short and giving up because we don’t think there’s a chance in Hell we can climb back up the platform. But are we right?

There is absolutely no way to know if our fears are worth fearing if we don’t challenge them ourselves. Your option is to forfeit or fight. To walk away from what you want is quick and easy. But even though the battle is brutal, to fight and kick and scream and make your voice be heard at all costs is worth the breaks and bruises.

I believe that success comes to those who want it most, no matter what your story might be. So the question is, “Will you settle for the mediocre room with a semi-sweet view, or will you fight to make it all the way to the penthouse with the staggering panorama and an ending as sweet as honey.”

I am not defined by my past; I am defined by my dreams.

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  1. What a privilege to have such a young, gifted writer on board with the Delta Bohemian. Corinne writes from a young but seasoned perspective. She is a blessing to the Delta Bohemian and its readers! Thank you! Poor William

  2. Great article. Sadly, in today’s southern good-ole boy network it is not what you know but who you know. If you want to make it to the top Corinne then spread your wings and head away from here. While towns like Clarksdale are a great place to grow up and to retire, it is too small for someone to really test the waters and see their full potential blossom. It is impossible to escape your past in a small town. I speak from experience. Someone of your talent and beauty can make great things happen if you go out and see the world!

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