CraigCat on an Oxbow with Chilly Billy

Delta Bohemian Tours off-road on the water! [VIDEO]

CraigCat on an Oxbow DBT

CraigCat on an Oxbow DBT

What’s that? A CraigCat on an Oxbow?!!

Hey Man, this is Chilly Billy Howell, your personal tour guide with DELTA BOHEMIAN TOURS ( When I am not giving tours to folks visiting the Mississippi Delta, I am touring myself around. Check out a visit on a local oxbow via the CraigCat, a battery-operated craft designed for a chill experience on any body of water.

 A normative Regional Identity Tour—thorough history of Clarksdale, MS and visits to seminal towns in our outback, along with a stop at the Mississippi River—is about three hours long, but we can customize your experience according to your interest.

To understand the Mississippi Delta, one has to visit, listen, engage, relate, and break bread with locals. Killa music doesn’t hurt either. Clarksdale, MS, birthplace of the blues and unlike any place else in the world. Let me introduce you to it! Holla at ya boy, Chilly Bill Howell with Delta Bohemian Tours.

CraigCat on Moon Lake Oxbow

Lake Life Lake Friends featuring Russell et al at Moon Lake

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