Where is Clarksdale? Here We Is!


Daddy Rich at the New Roxy. Photo credit: DELTA BOHEMIAN

Daddy Rich at the New Roxy. Photo credit: DELTA BOHEMIAN

Clarksdale, Mississippi – VIDEO IN POST
Looking for a place with a few folks who could speak, type and even sing the King’s English…when they wanted to…which is fine and dandy, but it rarely draws attention, and we like attention, except when we don’t?  Then…


Attached is a video Magical Madge and Poor William threw together one afternoon and evening a few weeks ago. It was spontaneous and hurried, as we had to have it swished across the Pacific ready for a conference on Complex Contradictions. All video and pictures but one are credited to the Delta Bohemian.

I loved Australia, but every time I watched the video in Australia, I just got so excited, I would tell Madge, “I want to go to Clarksdale!”

Enjoy the energy, the offerings, and the characters in one of the coolest, most authentic places in the World, and that’s a big place:



“CLARKSDALE” by Clarksdale’s one and only DADDY RICH.

“Dirt on my Sleeve” by Daddy Rich w/remix by Lee Craven aka Lee “Sweaty Ricky” Craven.

All video and pictures but one are credited to the DELTA BOHEMIAN™. 

Photo credit for “old hands playing keyboard” – Chuck Lamb

Wish we could have included photos and video of everybody but, hey, we did the best we could under pressure.

Showin’ our love for this place we call home!

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  1. Gordon Yamamoto says:

    This is really superb, gang!! Love all the familiar faces and places, love the music, love the random interviews, and especially Poor William’s snowman shot!!! Keep up this direction….Roger’s got competition!!!

  2. GY, the only thing missing is You!! We have 1,000’s of images. Culling out a few was a challenge!

    Thanks for watching and glad you enjoyed it. Don’t you love the music. The remix collaboration by Lee Craven with Daddy Rich is stuck in my mind!

  3. Oh and GY! We and Stolle ran the race and we both won! We are on the same team!! :)) That’s what I’m talkin bout!

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