Clarksdale Taxi Cab Driver Been At It 50+ Years

"The Tourists is trying to bring this town back up." - Mr. Roosevelt Noah, aka "Ro" or "Jolly" - VIDEO & PHOTOS

Clarksdale Taxi Cab Driver Roosevelt Noah's Jolly Cab arriving at the Clarksdale White House

Clarksdale Taxi Cab Driver Roosevelt Noah’s Jolly Cab arriving at the Clarksdale White House

Clarksdale Taxi Cab Driver, Mr. Roosevelt Noah, born in 1946, also known as “Ro” or “Jolly,” knows the streets of Clarksdale like no other. He has been ferrying folks to where they need to go for right at 50 years! “When I first started to driving cabs here in this town, we had about 30-something cabs…. We never had meters here. We just was charging by the head. When I first started driving cabs, we were charging .25 a head.”

Now the only taxi cab driver still driving in the popular Mississippi Delta blues destination is Mr. Noah, owner of JOLLY CAB. “It was me and Jerry’s Cab for the past few years ’til Jerry had a stroke and he’s been out for about a year now so it ain’t nobody but me.”

If you’ve spent any time in Clarksdale, you will invariably see the car with the catchy red and white sign on it’s roof, doors and trunk….JOLLY CAB. I know I have.

After witnessing this hard working man making multiple trips to the Shack Up Inn late one night to pick up several groups, I decided I wanted to meet him personally so I called his number. 662-624-9256. Mr. Roosevelt Noah answered the call and graciously told me about his business. We made a date to have him pick me up so I could go for a ride and learn more about him.

When he arrived at the Clarksdale White House, I asked Mr. Noah to drive me to Red’s Blues Club where my husband Chilly Billy Howell was waiting. Along the way I interviewed and recorded him and Billy continued to do so when we arrived at our destination.

I hope you will watch the impromptu video with “Jolly” and will consider giving JOLLY CAB a call the next time you need a lift in Clarksdale, morning, noon or night! After all, he says, “I’ll work anytime I get a call!” Oh, and tell Jolly that Magical Madge and Chilly Billy sent ya! We will definitely be referring our Clarksdale White House, Delta Bohemian Guest House and Clark House guests to JOLLY CAB. —Magical Madge

Established 1967
One person pickup: $10
More than one person pickup: $7.50 each
7 days a week. Morning, Noon and Night
THE Clarksdale Taxi Cab Driver
Mr. Roosevelt Noah
“I’ll work anytime I get a call.”


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  2. Trishiaann hellums says:

    Is taxi service in clarksdale miss expensive. What is the best taxi service.

    • Hi, Trishiaann. Sorry for the delayed response. We recommend Roosevelt Noah’s Jolly Cab service. There is another service called CDRY Touring & Cab Service.

      Chilly Billy with Delta Bohemian Tours does offer taxi service from places like Memphis, TN to Clarksdale, etc… You are welcome to inquire should.

      I hope this helps.

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