Clarksdale Sunday Afternoon Music at Levon’s Bar & Grill

The Blackwater Trio groovin' at Levon's

Clarksdale Sunday Afternoon Music at Levon's with The Blackwater Trio

Clarksdale Sunday Afternoon Music at Levon’s with The Blackwater Trio

Clarksdale Sunday Afternoon Music at Levon’s Bar & Grill [VIDEO]

Groovin’, on a Sunday afternoon
Really couldn’t get away too soon
I can’t imagine anything that’s better
The world is ours whenever we’re together
There ain’t a place I’d like to be instead of
Groovin’…The Rascals

Dude, it’s all about groovin’ when ya can, and there is no better place to get to groovin’ than Clarksdale, Mississippi at Levon’s Bar & Grill on the Sunflower Strip downtown on Sunday afternoon! Always live music starting at 3:30pm on Sundays. Always great drinks made by cocktail jeffe Greg Birdsong, who designed The Blackwater Trio’s soon-to-be-released debut album cover. Always good food. Always good friends hangin’ inside and out. Always a healthy mixture of tourists and all-age Bohemianesque locals capping the end of a great weekend and getting ready for the week to come.

It is always a great time at Levon’s, but when The Blackwater Trio is playing, it is finer than split angel hair…

The Blackwater Trio is a band based out of Clarksdale, which includes two local musicians, Walt Busby and Seth Stroud, along with violinist Alice Hasen, who moved to the area a few years ago with Teach for America (TFA). All three are fine musicians in their own right, but together, Dude, they are off-the-chain. Also, they lead worship at a local church on Sunday mornings usually after playing a gig out of town Friday and Saturday nights!

Me: “Man, you guys bless us when y’all play Sunday afternoons at Levon’s!

Walt: “You can’t imagine how fun it is for us to get to play!”

That awesome felicitous attitude coupled with skills and bolstered by an incredible work ethic makes this band a treat. To find more out about or to book this incredible trio, go to their website:

The Trio can take a Clarksdale Sunday afternoon music rambler at Levon’s just about anywhere he or she wants to go…and it’s all in the mind! With an eclectic medley of familiar, yet-made-their-own tunes and now with many of their own songs (album soon to be released at CD Release Party on Friday, August 4th at Levon’s), this band is uniquely peerless. Hail to The Blackwater Trio! Thx. Y’all are a blessing! Keep on groovin’! chilly billy

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