Clarksdale, MS itinerant Japanese Blues Musician and GZBC Semi-fixture “EY”


EY playing his guitar

EY playing his guitar

(Clarksdale, Mississippi)

EY is a semi-fixture in Clarksdale, MS and can be seen often in Ground Zero Blues Club as well as many other locations around town. We call him a semi-fixture because he makes his annual pilgrimage from Japan year after year. He is with us for several months at a time. We miss him when he is gone and we are happy when he returns! EY! EY! EY!

WATCH the VIDEO to see the blues musician playing on the stage at Ground Zero Blues Club with the amazingly gifted drummer Cedric Burnside and the entertaining and talented harp player Big Boy Martin of the All Night Long Blues Band. EY has a CD, too. He’s taught himself to play and improves with each visit back to our special place here in the heart of the Mississippi Delta.


Enjoy LOOKING at the photos of EY taken by The Delta Bohemian. EY also makes a guest appearance in the CHRISTMAS WENCH video on the “You Can’t Get This S*@# In New York City” page.


EY playing his guitar outside BLUESTOWN MUSIC in Clarksdale, MS

Bluestown Music

EY enjoying a smoke while monitoring the Sound Board at a party at HOPSON COMMISSARY in Clarksdale, MS

Hopson Commissary and Plantation

Two Delta Bohemians, EY and ANDREW, living large.

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