Clarksdale Coahoma County Airport Day at Fletcher Field

Clarksdale Coahoma County Airport Day

at Fletcher Field

DSU Flight Instuctor Josh Kypke with DSU Director of Flight Operations Chip Cooper in front of a DSU Diamond DA42 aircraft. Photo by Delta Bohemian

DSU Flight Instuctor Josh Kypke with DSU Director of Flight Operations Chip Cooper in front of a DSU Diamond DA42 aircraft. Photo by Delta Bohemian


Clarksdale Coahoma County Airport Day was held this past Saturday at Fletcher Field just outside of Clarksdale. Cool vintage planes (and a few shiny new ones) were on hand with a host of local pilots and folks who just couldn’t help being outside on a beautiful Mississippi Delta Day. Several hundred adults and children enjoyed hamburgers, hotdogs, and the roar and dance of old-school planes.

Check out the Pics and a cool Mississippi Delta Airport Video of some planes (including a WWII F4U Corsair US Navy Aircraft) in flight PLUS some boys doing what boys do–playing pick-up, tackle football in a space not even large enough to park more than a few cars. Gotta love the Delta!

Our good friend Josh Kypke, a Delta State University Flight Instructor and recipient of a Bachelor of Commerical Aviation degree last May after eight years as an Army infantryman, flew to Fletcher Field with the Director of Flight Operations at DSU Chip Cooper.  The state of the art aircraft they flew is one of DSU’s new Diamond DA42 multi-engine aircrafts.  Josh expects to finish his Master of Commercial Aviation degree this May. Go Josh!

Clarksdale Coahoma County Airport Day at Fletcher Field — Try to make it next year if you are in the area. A fine time was had by all!


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For all you pilot enthusiasts and for those who want to learn more about our little airport, continue reading some comments posted on AirNav’s page Clarksdale Coahoma County Airport at Fletcher Field.

From Bruce Williams on 27-Oct-2011
An airport is just an airport, except when it is run by someone like Hutch, the local FBO operator; meeter, greeter. The service is great and the hospitality is even better. Hutch will even hangar your bird if there’s room and provide you with a courtesy car. Enjoy the blues at a great airport. HUTCH HAS
From Rick Boone on 21-Oct-2010
Very helpful staff. Offered advice on where to eat and stay and events happening in town. Great place to stop!
From James Carter on 07-Jun-2010
Hutch runs a very nice facility that is obviously promoting the local area. We dropped in late Friday June 4 afternoon and were with them until early Sunday morning. Hutch prefers to hangar visiting aircraft during thunderstorm season, but the ramp is very large also. Fuel prices are about 10% below national average, which could be another reason to visit. A courtesy vehicle is often available and is in above average condition, plus the air conditioning works very well in the summer heat. This is a World War II training base with the original hangar and admin building still standing and in very nice condition. The place is clean and well kept, the people are friendly and helpful, this is someplace you won’t be disappointed.
From Shull Autin on 25-Apr-2010

Hutch is the man! We diverted to get fuel due to heavy headwinds after hours on a weekend. Hutch took great care of us, refueled us, offered us a car and any help that we needed. So impressed, I am going to come back with the family to eat the pilot’s free buffet at the nearby casino. Great place to stop with great service and prices.
From Susan Guice on 28-Mar-2010
Hollis, the service manager at Clarksdale airport went above and beyond to assist us. We couldn’t locate a rental car within 50 miles of the area, so he told us we could even use the courtesy car overnight! The FBO is simple as you would expect at a rural airport; however, the courtesy and helpful attitude are more than I have seen anywhere in a long time!
From Will Stroud on 22-Mar-2010
Had to make a stop over due to Minimums at our destination airport. Fellow behind the desk couldn’t have been nicer and I wish I had bought fuel! Borrowed the crew car and headed to the great Shell Truck stop with some down home country cooking. Great Stop!
From Kevin Smith on 10-Jan-2010
Our trip was great. Thanks to Hutch for fueling us in the VERY frigid temps this week. Above the can do attitude. Courtesy car is typical, couldn’t tell if AC worked, but the heater had trouble keeping up with temps. Hutch even bought our dinner. Ask him how. Look forward to our next trip.
From Mike Paris on 27-Nov-2009
This was an interesting airport. It looks like an old WWII field from some of the buildings. The FBO was very helpful and the guy was there to refuel my plane as soon as I pulled up to the pump. The FBO hangar is huge and although there’s plenty of planes inside, it looked as if there was more room if you needed it or there’s plenty of tiedown spots out front. There is a crew car available, but there aren’t any restaurants close. I took a peek inside the snooze room and it’s an old building with a couple of couches. There’s also another room inside the terminal with a TV and places to sit. There’s not really much in the way of a flight planning area. I didn’t have any problems talking to Memphis center. I cancelled at about 2, 000′ on the way in and picked up my IFR shortly after takeoff on the way out. The frequency is about 50 miles away so it’s probably not a good idea to pick it up in the air if the ceilings are low.
From Tex Hull on 19-Jul-2009
Not your average country airport. Small waiting room, of course, but clean restrooms, fast service, and a smooth (recently sealed and marked) long, wide runway. Yes, the low fuel prices are for real. There are several crop dusters using the field, and they don’t all have radios – keep your eyes open. Regarding IFR, you’ll need substantial altitude to reach Memphis Center – definitely more than 1, 000 feet.
From Howard Tobin on 30-Jun-2009
We stopped at Clarksdale en route to and from RDU from our home in ABI in our Citation 501. As reported, everyone was very helpful. Fuel prices were quite low on the way up, but jumped a great deal a few days later on the trip home (almost a dollar). Nice runway with little traffic. Easy to get in and out. Fast refueling. All in all, it is a very nice VFR and possibly light IFR stopover and we will probably use it again.
From Aaron Daniels on 10-Jun-2009
May 22, 2009-Hutch is what help at a small airport should be. T’storms were in the area-he made room in the hangar. We were looking for a cab-he loaned us a car. Hadn’t been to Clarksdale in 30 years-he helped with directions and entertainment suggestions. I had to depart on a tight schedule-he was at the airport early. And gas wasn’t bad either.
From Rob Werkman on 29-Mar-2009
Fantastic airport. Hutch always makes us feel very welcome and is more than willing go the extra mile to help us out. Jet A prices can’t be beat either.
From John J. Sullivan on 24-Mar-2009
This friendly airport gives new meaning to the term “laid back”. Got help with refueling and parking. Used the Courtesy car to drive into town for lunch at the Ground Zero Blues Club (about 9-miles). Great experience. The courtesy car probably has a few more trips into town left in it.
From Howie Lowden on 30-Nov-2008

We are in Clarksdale several times a year, and the service is always outstanding. On more than one occasion, Hutch has gone out of his way in order to ensure that our passengers are taken care of. You never know what to expect at small airports like this, but CKM is a nice little airport with great service and good fuel prices. Stop in and see Hutch!

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  1. Awesome footage of the F4U Corsair in flight! (I was a big fan of TV’s Black Sheep Squadron/Baa Baa Black Sheep with Robert Conrad as Pappy Boyington…) I had to work my store on Airport Day, so thanks for covering the event… Roger

  2. Betty Ziska says:

    Just found this page, fond memories of this airport. My father was a ‘yankee’ Army Air Corps instructor stationed here, met my mom a local gal that worked at the Elite Cafe. Married and after a stint in New Orleans as a test pilot on the flying boats, took her north to Minnesota where he ran a Fixed Base Operation for 40+ years. Every other year we flew in to Clarksdale to spend Christmas with Moms family who were employed early on by Ollie L. Garmon then her brother worked for someone over near Lambert. Remember Mom telling me the first time they came back to Mississippi her dad bet she forgot how to pick cotton, she went out and picked 100#. Sadly they are all gone now, but I have plenty of great memories.

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