Casa De Macabre

Flash poetry/fiction by Chilly Billy

Case De Macabre

Windows hazy

        bad moon ascending

                portends of malignancy lightly restrained

                        soon to be unfettered

                                evil hides not its lurking

                                         inviting inquisitives in for a round…

Cacophonies of churlish laughter

      felt more than heard

             things older than man webbed in corners

                    restive yet motionless—frightened by more insidious evil

                            lurking beneath the pale

                                  trawled by concupiscence—searching, always thirsty,

                                        itching for innocence

                                             shadows governed by edicts preceding man’s dawn. 

Welcome the immaculate

      bid the pristine and the not-so enter…

           come what may, fear is the mind’s concoction, nothing to fear but itself.

             what is fear but an unknown known, unknown in a knowing way

                    disquieted by predilections seen by unseens, fear of reprisals  

                         unknown consequences for unseen behaviors known only by shadows.

Tread lightly, remember, the Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.

                                               Enter, but guard your heart…   



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