A Big Hawk in a small community

A Big Hawk in a small community

By Poor William


My good friend Delta Bohemian Bobbie Hawkins, longtime secretary for Sherard Elementary School in Sherard, Mississippi, was given a surprise birthday party at the Farrell Mississippi Community Center this past Saturday night. Poor William and Magical Madge were thrilled to be invited, though we showed up late as usual.

Shaharri "Little Hawk" Hawkins, Poor William, Bobbie "Big Hawk" Hawkins and Bam Almari Jackson. Photo by Delta Bohemian

Shaharri "Little Hawk" Hawkins, Poor William, Bobbie "Big Hawk" Hawkins and Bam Almari Jackson. Photo by Delta Bohemian

Bobbie “Big Hawk” Hawkins is a fine lady, as is her niece, Delta Bohemian Shaharri “Little Hawk” Hawkins, who also works at Sherard Elementary School. Farrell is a small un-incorporated community located in Coahoma County south of Stovall and just north of Sherard on Mississippi Highway 1.

All Big Hawk’s grandkids, along with several co-workers and about 30 family and friends, incuding two crazy-ass white folks—the Delta Bohemians—attended the party.

Poor William used to teach at Sherard Elementary and Big Hawk and her peeps always looked after the “probably-shouldn’t-be-teaching-elementary-school” Poor William. I miss and love ‘em out there, and Big Hawk is the bomb and the Queen of Sherard!

Enjoy the pics of a family and their friends having a ball at a birthday party in the rural community of Farrell, Mississippi. My favorite part, other than the good food, was watching all the children having a ball running around with balloons in a just-emptied and cleaned-up room, doing what kids do best—making their own fun with little props! Awesome!

Too often city folks forget that life and love in small rural communities goes on unimpeded day after day. They take care of their own and make sure that community members are not forgotten and are recognized for their inherent value. Life goes on and it’s good! God Bless my good friend Big Hawk! pw


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