Aubrey sings Angel from Montgomery

Delta Bohemian Aubrey Powell blowin' a kiss at the Juke Joint Chapel.

Delta Bohemian Aubrey Powell blowin’ a kiss at the Juke Joint Chapel. Photo by the DB.

(Clarksdale, Mississippi) The Salon de Boheme was the site of yet another serendipitous heartfelt expression this past weekend. Aubrey (We calls her Sweet Thang) Powell and a friend, we calls him Bunny, were visiting the Delta Bohemians prior to our heading up to Ground Zero for some blues.

After several adult libations and during a conversation between Bunny and Poor William, Miss Aubrey grabs Magical Madge’s classic Epiphone acoustic guitar, which is the shit–just ask Gene Joe, and began playing John Prine’s “Angel from Montgomery” with her eyes closed.

All conversationalists stopped dead in our tracks. What followed was mesmerizing! Poor William grabbed his iPhone with camera and started capturing soul-stirring beauty as it blossomed. AS ALWAYS with all things DELTA BOHEMIAN, nothing was scripted, all was fresh and impromptu. Aubrey did not even know the camera was on her; she never opened her eyes. ENJOY!





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  1. swimming poole larry says:

    Bunny brings it out of everybody, ha……

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