Friday, May 10th at 7:30PM. Limited Seated



The Delta Bohemians present
in a Clarksdale White House Home Concert Series
on Friday, May 10th at 7:30PM

Serendipity brought me together with Anthony Wilson. He was a guest at the Clarksdale White House. As I was telling him about our Home Concert Series, he mentioned that he was a musician. I said, maybe we will have you play here one day. My first impression of Anthony was a loving, open and warm-spirited man. I liked him immediately. 

Later, I decided to Google Anthony Wilson and was blown away by what I found. Anthony is a renown jazz guitarist, composer and arranger, plus he has a burgeoning photography career. His father, the legendary jazz trumpeter and bandleader Gerald Wilson, is from right down the road in Shelby, MS. That is why Anthony found himself here in the Mississippi Delta. In fact, he is composing music and photography of the Mississippi Delta to share his impressions of his father’s homeland and what it means for him to be here.

I checked with Anthony again about a home concert and he was willing to do one! He casually contacted me one day when we were in the planning stages and mentioned his friend and piano player Matt Rollings; Anthony wondered if it would be ok if Matt joined him for the concert. Google Matt Rollings.

Never did I imagine we would have world-class jazz guitarist Anthony Wilson and critically acclaimed pianist Matt Rollings perform an intimate house concert in our living room. Won’t you join us for this special evening?

May I suggest you visit the following links to read about Anthony Wilson ( and Matt Rollings ( If you like what you read, consider purchasing a ticket to the ANTHONY WILSON & MATT ROLLINGS HOME CONCERT at the CLARKSDALE WHITE HOUSE, Friday, May 10th, at 7:30PM. 325 West 2nd Street, Clarksdale.

Both musicians are developing new works as we speak and I am certain we will hear all about them.

—Magical Madge

Photos of Anthony Wilson by Ian Gittler

Matt Rollings performing in a Berklee Nashville concert. #Repost of photo by @stephenwebberr


Clarksdale White House provides water, ice and glassware.
Limited Seating. First Come. First Choice.
Pot Luck (optional)
Complimentary lite fare by Abe’s Bar-B-Q

All ticket sales go to the musicians!

Ticket Price is $20 per person until the end of April 2019.
Ticket Price is $25 per person beginning May 1 until concert date.
Cash sales only at the door if not sold out.



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  1. Janet Bryant says:

    What an incredible evening!! I wish I could be there!! Congratulations!!

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