2011: A Snow Odyssey Comments

The Delta Bohemian in the Snow in Clarksdale, MS

The Delta Bohemian in the Snow in Clarksdale, MS


MJH: Bill, What inspired you to roll naked in the snow?

PW: Mom, it’s just what I do!


JBM: Yes maam, Miss Martha Jane, we’ve been thinking about this for a long time.

PW: HA! Thank you Mr.Lil John! Would you call me Mom and ‘splain dis to her?

JBM: I need a drink first, and then another. Then I’ll call her and explain that it was my fault, but Lizzie still thinks it was your fault.


CW: Everything that is good about C’dale is in that picture of the Wegener House and snow. I can’t wait to be there again. Billy, I can’t think of a better person to live there after all of us boys. A true man of the Delta. I like it a lot!

PW: Curtis! Thank you! Coming from a Delta Icon that means at lot! Please stop by anytime in town! You just can’t imagine how many folks have stories about their time spent in the Wegener house! We treasure hearing them and are pleased and thankful to be able to live in such a magnificent home with such a rich and storied history! Billy

KWR: I’ll never think of my childhood home in the same way again. Nor snow. But I’m subscribing to the website!!

PW: Kathryn, I am so sorry to have brought such ignominy to the Wegener house! HA! I still and always will refer to our new house as the Wegener House! Please stop by anytime in the area! Billy


PW: Herbert, sadly, I can’t blame this on alcohol! But, “Bubbas gone wilder” is some funny shit!

LD: Swamp Rat (LD’s friend, who is PW’s best friend), You tried to warn me!

MDP: Come on man!!
MDP: Your mamma gotta see this.

MDP: Can’t wait to show it to Martha Jane in the morning. She will faint. lol

KW: Every boy searches high and low to make his mama proud. You really put the pressure on a lot of other guys to top you now!

JM: You can tutor my kids anytime!

LLL: Billy…your Daddy would have LOL at those glam snow pics!!!

ML: Billy, I had just eaten a perfectly cooked med rare 12 oz filet…then I checked FB, saw your snow uniform and puked. You owe me.

ML: The wife said it was funny! More power to you for that!

ML: Hey Billy, that Bohemian stuff is some of the most hilarious crap I’ve ever read! I told a good friend of mine from Benton, AR to check it out…he said he’s found a new home. lol. Also told him to send you and Madge a friend request. You and Madge sure look like you enjoy life! Keep on keeping on!

LB: Don’t go changin’

MLB: Awwww Billy…u don’t offend. You entertain!

VM: Freedom of speech!

CE: I’m just glad we didn’t hang out in the 80’s lol We would be n Parchman. Lol funny stuff

LE: Sorry…but I LOVED IT! Made me very very cold and made me laugh!

HD: Where did it go? I walked outside for just a minute and POOF! Gone!

CE: Billy melted it in that pic! Lol

JAB: There will always be someone offended<it seems> by things that were simply fun <albeit different> Just keep on keeping on.

AKE: Get over it

BC: Most fun I have had all day Billy and Madge. Never laughed so hard in my life!

RB: Is this going to premier at the Clarksdale Film Festival?

SPB: I thought everyone knew that the first and primary premise is that you are crazy! Love you

US: Tell em Billy! If they don’t like it, don’t look! But don’t deny the rest of us the fun of having a good laugh!

VAM: I agree. You always have the option not to watch; I however, thought it was a hilarious video. Brave man!!! Ice and snow touching my skin gives me hives, almost got them looking at that!!!

GJ: You go right on offending me, Buddy! I LOVE IT!

JYN: I have never been a fan of snow but I might be changing my mind.

GY: Billy, I’ve spent a lifetime perfecting and fine-tuning offensive comments; it’s part attitude, part awareness on your recipients. The Genesis of most humor is in out-spoken thoughts and behavior, and when you create an underground publication, it’s too bad that you have to ‘splain it to the Lowest Common Denominators.

JYN: Mr. Gordon, I don’t know who you are, but I just love you.

GY: Well Jane, if you stick your big toe into this bubbling pot of Ha-Ha’s and Whoa There, you discover this weirded out Asian Cajun that should’ve been born Black, but instead, has to be content following the Blues Circuit in MS, and the Treme in NOLA!!…….and when you take you toe out……GUMBO, baby!

SGP: Billy, my man, thanks for the laugh! Keep on keeping on….

JM: I love what y’all do…keep on being you! There are always gonna be narrow-minded people and they can do as you suggest…HIT THE DELETE BUTTON!!!

BG: Are you kidding me ?!?! I have a new screen saver for 2011!

KP: My advice! You should have gone to Playgirl Magazine if you wanted to get real serious on showing yourself nude!

GM: Well… we know who Playgirl WON’T be calling…
AKE: lol!

RMT: I thought it was great and I had a good laugh. It also made me miss the Delta. You have nothing to be ashamed of at all.

BM: I’ve seen grosser things! Hahahahahaha

PW: Thanks for all your encouraging comments and for not commenting, if in fact, you did “throw up a little in your mouth!” HA! J

GY: Hey, is it just my monitor, but I can’t fit your whole DB page within my screen width. Billy, you’re TOO BIG for me! So the video box is cut off; I’m constantly trying to shift images side to side. Do you have any ideas? ~g-man

PW: Well, if I had stayed in the snow longer my largesse relative to my LOVE UNIT might have shrunk to something under 5-feet long and one-foot in diameter, which would have made a wide-angle lens able to capture my TRUE IMPRESSIVENESS, but then I would not only have been censored by the church, but would have been run out of town! HA!

SGM: Billy, kudos on getting a lot of response to your almost nude picture in the snow. I’ve seen men in bathing suits with less on. It’s not like you showed anything that you don’t see at the beach. You got people talking and promoted your blog! I think you should do a monthly nude Delta Bohemian. You could make a calendar out of it! My husband and I are off to … for 2 weeks. I look forward to reading the blog again when I return.

BC: Good word, PW. When does the First Church of the Delta Bohemian meet? Would love to be a member…or does membership on the website grant access to the Right Reverend Poor William? Keep it coming man!

PW: BC, I don’t think any church will have PW now! Madge and I might have to worship alone! But, come join us, “Where two or three are gathered…” I appreciate the time you invest in your comments here and on FB! Holla if ever in the Mississippi Delta! PW

LB: Tru werdz Ben! Sign me up for that same Church meeting!

PW: Awwwww, Laurie, you are so damn encouraging! Just get yall’s asses back down to the Delta and we will do another canoe trip, and Pat can be Mr. March and we can shoot you when the red ants begin marching one by one up your leg again! Was truly a lovely sight: oops, sorry about all those ant bites! You and Madge might have to be on the Delta Bohemian “Hot Chick” calendar due this Spring!

JB: You should have left the picture up. It was marvelous and truly in the Delta Tradition! I planned to print it and frame it, but alas you removed it while I procrastinated as to whether to use matt, satin or linen photo paper! I was also in a quandry as to whether I wanted a 5 x7, 8×10, or larger? Which do you think would look better? If Yankees can jump into the ice filled lake every year and get their picture in the paper, you certainly can and did frolic in the snow “buck nekkid” if your brave enough and post it in your own private, very entertaining magazine. I suggest you get some new friends that will appreciate you! Please send me my signed autograph picture now! You can decide how large a print to send! Thank you.

LORD CHUCK: My God tells me not to judge others. He tells me that he reserves that for himself. I believe my God puts people in our path for a purpose. PW is one of the most kind and considerate people I have come to know over the years. I will thank my God for good friends like PW and enjoy the jest our converstions add to my life. Lord Chuck of the Muleshoe Clan

PW: Lord Chuck, you do yourself great honor by being so egalitarian and kind! PW appreciates ya more than you can imagine!

DMC: Good lawd aren’t your ears cold?
PW: I don’t think it was my ears that suffered the worst!
FL: Good LORD!
MMH: Hahaha! He brings a smile to a sick girl’s face! We have fun! And, he just loves the cold!!!!

DB: Thats what they call a CHILLIE WILLIE
DB: I am glad its no big thing!
PW: Now Doc, I didn’t say it was no BIG THING!

GJ: Don’t know ’bout you, but MY thang gets really small in the snow!

BB: Bill, I think you’ve lost it !!!!
HB: What’s that sticking out through the snow?
DB: HB, I got a magnifying glass and took a good look, it looks like a BONZI sapling.
GJ: Itsa roll of dimes. Usta be a roll of quarters.
DS: Ok Madge’s turn lol

BC: That is just nasty…
PW: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!
BC: Can you say shrinkage?
PW: In the infamous words of SGT. Schultz! I know nuzzing!
MMH: Never a dull moment with my bohemian husband! LOVE THIS!!!
BC: Madge, that is what makes life spicy..I just hope ya’ll live in the country or have a good fence or hedgerow. New definition of blue balls…

PW: I think the neighbors threw-up a little in their mouth!

BC: I need me a hat like that so I can be a member of the DC Delta Bohemians!!!

DO: Oh my god. I love you guys so much.

SM: I do declare, Master Billy, I done thunk you done look better with them clothes off!
JM: Lawd have mercy…I see I’m not the only ‘different’ person around here!!!

RT: What kinda meds were you on? I want to make sure I never take them. Did you have fun????? You made a lot of FB people laugh today.

PW: I am glad my largesse could bring such pleasure to the thinner masses! HA!

PW: JM, I am getting you off the hook for a few days! HA!
JM: Billy you are just hysterical and I LOVE it!!! Madge is a very lucky woman!!!

PW: You are so sweet! I am the LUCKY ONE! She puts up with my dysfunctional self!

RT: I think you could make Play Girl Magazine or do they still have stuff like that—just stick with Delta Bohemian.com you will be safer?????

PW: HA! I hear ya RT! I may be run out of town now! What is a fat Bohemian to do if he is alone, nekkid, and out on the plain?

GM: Well… we know who Playgirl WON’T be calling…
DL: That’s just wrong, Billy. Wondering what’s up with the rainbow bracelet?

PW: Derwood, The bracelet is actually a “READING ROCKS” BRACELET I found out in the country! Damn, I should have thought of taking that off ahead of time though! It just don’t look right, huh? But then again, neither does my fat, nekkid, self! HA!

DL: Oh. The rainbow usually means something else. Just checking to be sure you didn’t join the other team’.
PW: HA! I still love tha ladies! Well, one in particular!
PW: Madge took the pics; not John McKee! I just want to make that PERFICALLLLLEEE CLEAR!

BCM: You put the FUN in dysFUNctional!

LB: Wow

MP: Excuse me! The PERFECT snow triangle!!
JM2: I have seen it all. You may want to check around, there has got to be a magazine out there that would want this picture. I wouldn’t even consider Sport Illustrated. Great picture!!

TM: Only Billy Howell!!!!! Can’t wait to read Lou’s comments

SG: Only in the Mississippi Delta!

LR: I’m thinking about doin’ this for my next picture…. This is great, man.


LLL: Must say, I love it!!!

GB: OMG!!!!!!!!!! DUDE YOU LOOK HOTT!! (sorry… typo…COLD!)

PW: Birdsong, don’t make me bust out the pics of you in the restroom with the tutu on

GB: All those ballerinas made me do it!
MMA: OMG – Too damn funny Billy, not to mention brilliant, crazy, masochistic (that had to be SO painful), but oh so hilarious. Thank you for that laugh and oh, I’ll be signing up with your online mag. right away

MP: May be the record for a post on facebook. lol
WF: You have officially lost your mind!! You forgot the sunglasses
KBP: OMG! You are toooo funny…..!!!

CM: Wow….speechless……
SGP: Sorry, but noticed you did not have to use a lot of cover snow.
ERS: Thinking seriously about makin this my new profile pic…gotta love ya Billy!!!!

GEM: Snow will never be the same again… LOL
CMC: ALL RIGHTY THEN!!….Looks cool and crisp out, I sure am glad you put a hat on-!- that’s good to know.Ha ha ha!

HP: O well, never dull moment in the Delta!
PF: The very Best snow picture of all!
NL: Did you really have to cover IT up…in that ice?
PW: At least it was covered! HA! 🙂
BM: You’re The Man Billy Howell!
BC: Bohemianism is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people, involving musical, artistic or literary pursuits, with few permanent ties. Bohemians can be wanderers, adventurers, vagabonds, or Billy …Howell.
DG: U are crazy
MT: What color your panties?
KK: OMG!!!!
PW: MT, the funniest thing academically, if there is anything academic about this, is the fact that your time in the Delta has you being interrogative without using a verb! HA! It works in the Delta BABY!
CHAS: LMAO!!!! Only Billy Howell would do this. This is too funny.

US: Was this in the back yard or the front yard????
PW: I’ll never tell, but I hear tell that cars were littering West Second! HA!

LB: Wait till Martha Jane sees this, ya’ll will be in big trouble!

US: You must have a sauna in your house….this is what we used to do in Germany to cool off….roll in the snow….! You starting a new trend in ClarksVegas?
PW: I told Lou that Martha Jane might disown me and Lou would have to take care of her in her waning years, but Lou would have none of it! She said that my nekkid fat ass ain’t getting off the hook for no reason just because I am certifiably crazy! She said if I don’t slow my roll that Jimmy Hoffa will have nothing on me! HA!
FWW: Now that was refreshing! Go Billy!

PW: Sorry if I make all you ladies just a little sick at da tummy! I just can’t hep myself!
FWW: Not at all!
PW: US, when I was stationed in Germany we would go to the spas and afterwards jump in an ice bath! I loved it! However, I fear there is not a pool big enough in the Delta to fit my fat ass in! HA!

DS: The great thing about snow is it makes your lawn look as good as your neighbors. Well I am thinking this aint true no more. Ha!

PW: That’s priceless DS!
LB: I love your pic and it has caused my phone to ring! Calls from all over the contiguous United States, everyone wants to know the story of the naked guy in the snow!!!! I told the last caller, my sister from Austin that she had to become a Delta Bohemian…she googled immediately!!!! I bet she is your newest member!
NMR: Little children, this is why you NEVER eat snow.
US: Well, Billy, you did the next best thing! No one can accuse you of not having any imagination!
MPK Say it ain’t so!!!
ADM: Billy, I’m going to have to report this pic. There have to be some type of rules and regulations against this. LOL
LL: Too bad DM isn’t still alive. Gracious! Little Billy Howell!!!! Lookin’ good baby!
LL: Next time hike the leg up.
BP: Was this something you did while at Ole Miss? Oh well you probably would not remember!!!

JH: I recognize that wrist band!!!
LL: Is it a rainbow coalition bracelet?
MMH: The rainbow bracelet added just the right colorful element, don’t you think?!!!!
PW: It is a Reading Rocks bracelet I found out at John McKee’s farm. I swear!!!!!!!!!! ::::))))
LL: Uh huh!!
JH: What I meant was: I recognize the wrist band – but not the beret.
BC: Is that your version of a snow bohemian? (PW face down, semi-clothed, in the snow)
PW: Well said! Not quite a snow angel, huh?
BC: I can’t go there Billy…I need to look at real porn after your last pic…LOL
MMH: Snow bathing!
SGM: Look forward to the next picture, to see what you take off next.
LL: Madge, I thought you’d be behind Foster-Grant sunglasses by now with those provocative nudes all over FB

FL: Is your “stumbuckett cold?”

PW: You ought to check out the other pics and see what is the coldest! HA!

MMH: What’s a stumbuckett?.. ha

RMT: Love to join.

CNS: Nice legs Billy H…


CE: Enjoying entire site. Keep it up. Love it.

AG: Loved the video of MS Delta Bohemian’s Mr. January 2011. Super Hot!!! Now, is it true what they say about shrinkage?????? Madge, you may have to answer this one!!!! HaHa…..

RW: Wow..Billy…your body+snow=sex machine!

WF: You ain’t right, Billy! You know that now don’t you big boy? I believe you were the highlight of the blizzard of 2011 for sure! You make me laugh!!!!!!!!!!

LIL SISTA: Wow! I can’t wait to see what Mr. February is like! Go bee-how-woo! xxx000 Your should be wife

LORD CHUCK: I think it was best said as, “You ain’t right!” Excellent marketing ploy.

STANKY: Hey Billy! Has the turtle come out of his shell yet?

PW: I love me some Stanky, but the colossal sea turtle has yet to poke his head back into the world: he might wait for late spring!

CC: Two thoughts but everyone already be me to the punch- 1) shrinkage, 2) You ain’t right! Nice viral video though! Hope everyone will use the share button above!

LB: I will be waiting, not so patiently, to see how in the world you are gonna follow this up in February!!!!!! Melted chocolate maybe? XOXO

Jane G: Here’s hoping Poor WILLIE-am didn’t get frost bite.

PW: Alas, he lives!

MLP: Hmmm, regardless of the amount of shrinkage involved it definitely proves one thing is superior, doesn’t it?

WS: You better hope Coach Clark doesn’t see this! He would put you on the permanent gook bus!

PW: WS, Man, I never got off the permanent gook (Bus the benchwarmers and positional-left-outs rode) bus! But, surely Coach Clark, who used to give points for drawing blood when playing off-season tackle football in the gym, would spare me a few points for being nude in the snow?

MMH: How about rose petals?!?!!!! Any men out there dreaming of seeing themselves as Mr. February?!!! Any idea, folks?

DB2: ALMOST too much information Poor William! Happy New Year. Hope to be back in Clarksdale soon.

MJH: Bill, What inspired you to roll naked in the snow?

PW: Mom, it’s just what I do!


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  1. Hang in there Chilly. I’m glad to see C’dale is still benefiting from hardy men of good character.
    I no doubt deserved my enemies, but I don’t believe I deserved my friends.
    Walt Whitman

    • Erv, Though I might be kinda hardy (hint, butt-ass naked in the snow), I no doubt will have few detractors who would disagree with me when even I find that “good character” bit sorta suspect regarding moi! 🙂 But you always were a kind man! What up Dude? Holla at ya boy if you are ever back in town! Chilly

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