Lemming Moments: Dancing Near the Sea

Lemming Moments: Dancing Near the Sea By POOR WILLIAM Most folks in their middle ages remember as children seeing the grainy nature video of packs of Norwegian lemmings rushing over a cliff to their death. It was such a spectacular and confusing scene; so unknown in the limited media world of that day. Poor William, […]

Who May Dwell in the Lords Sanctuary?

PONTIFICUS MINIMUS OPINES Old Pontificus and his ignoble brother, Poor William, have been trying to shore up what remains of their carbon-based, quickly deteriorating selves. They have been inspired by an adventurer, Dave Cornthwaite, who serendipitously arrived in our Delta midst via a standup paddleboard. He has been standing on this board since leaving the […]

PLEASE REMOVE YOUR LITTER – Mighty Quapaw Mississippi River Flood 2011 Cleanup Aftermath

By DRIFTWOOD JOHNNIE ( aka John Ruskey ) I have been thinking about the question — Why Clean Up?  I must admit I have been dismissive of the cleanup trend sweeping the Lower Mississippi, thinking I would rather appreciate and share the beauty of the world than clean up after the slobs upstream whose neglect […]

The Mighty Mississippi – Follow up to The Great Divide

By POOR WILLIAM A chasm where there was none Sand stole long ago Deposited in a new bank A product of ebb and flow! He cuts a wide swath, Even when confined His presence he makes known No one does he mind! He has no master but One He obeys only the Lord He accedes […]

Photo Images After The Flood of the Mississippi River 2011 by John Ruskey and The Delta Bohemian PLUS Poor William swims The Great Divide

POOR WILLIAM SWIMS THE GREAT DIVIDE – LEFTOVER BY THE FLOOD OF THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER 2011 PHOTOS AND VIDEO FROM DRIFTWOOD JOHNNIE (aka John Ruskey of Quapaw Canoe Company) “Last week the river dropped below flood stage (44 in Helena) and the big sandbar islands started demonstrating their resilience in the face of the highest […]

Driftwood Johnnie – aka Delta Bohemian John Ruskey – is featured in the Oxford American SoLost: Flood Zen

FLOOD ZEN Delta Bohemian Driftwood Johnnie is featured in the The Oxford American – F l o o d Z e n – →VIDEO INCLUDED← The Oxford American’s Dave Anderson published a video of Delta Bohemian and Quapaw Canoe Company owner John Ruskey canoeing on the Mississippi River during it’s recent historical crest. Take a […]

Mississippi River Flood 2011 Delta Update plus Mr. April REDUX in May Video

Mr. April REDUX in May →VIDEO of Mr. April REDUX INCLUDED← The Delta Bohemian does not intend this update on the Mississippi River Flood of 2011 to be inclusive, exhaustive, extensively empirically researched, or consisting of a summary of all that has transpired or will transpire concerning the river and those living near it or […]

Taming the Mississippi River: A God-Given Mandate?

By PONTIFICUS MINIMUS →AERIAL VIDEO INCLUDED OF MISSISSIPPI RIVER FLOOD OF 2011← Are the levees lining both sides of the swollen Mississippi River sufficient to hold back the tumescent waterway? According to many the levees are doing what they were designed to do, according to others the levees are not enough to be the only […]

Physical Training versus Godliness

By PONTIFICUS MINIMUS In the Apostle Paul’s first epistle to his protégé Timothy, he writes: “For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.” Godliness and the pursuit of the spiritual trump humanity’s concern with the physical body. […]

Delta Delusions: The Stabbin’ Cabin

By WILLIAM PRENTISS The name, Stabbin’ Cabin’, was supposed to be a Delta joke. Hell, nobody was supposed to get hurt. The early spring evening was pleasant, but there was a hint of turmoil riding the gentle winds. No gunfire or disturbances had been noted in Friars Point, a Delta hamlet just north of Clarksdale […]

Standing in a Mississippi Delta Bathroom at Midnight

By Pontificus Minimus (Clarksdale, Mississippi)  Standing in a Mississippi Delta Bathroom at Midnight. She is perched on her stool facing away from her Vanity with nothing on but a loosely draped towel after having just gotten out of the bathtub. He is in boxers and a long sleeve shirt facing her while rocking side to side […]

MS Delta Ladybugs along the Mississippi River

(Clarkdsale, Mississippi) Click on the video and watch the path of the ladybugs next to the Mississippi River. [youtube]http://youtu.be/7CpklL-8UG0[/youtube]