CASTAWAYS – Our Only True And Faithful Companions?

A RADIOLAND / HIDDEN WHIM / REFLECTION from Poor William – (Radioland Video in post) “Are our only true and faithful companions castaways?”  John Ruskey, on the river, Oct. 2014 Castaway: A shipwrecked person, an outcast, or anything cast adrift or thrown away. Last year at the conclusion of a three-day Mississippi River camping, canoeing […]


By Poor William and Magical Madge CLARKSDALE, MISSISSIPPI  VIDEO IN POST  – Straight from the Hidden Whim Year vault, enjoy this intimate scene where Poor William shows Magical Madge how the Bohemian Party Bulb operates. Poor William: You tell me where it hits you right, baby. Magical Madge: It’s the Party Bulb. How do you make […]

Where is Clarksdale? Here We Is!

  Clarksdale, Mississippi – VIDEO IN POST Looking for a place with a few folks who could speak, type and even sing the King’s English…when they wanted to…which is fine and dandy, but it rarely draws attention, and we like attention, except when we don’t?  Then… COME TO CLARKSDALE!     OFTEN! Attached is a video Magical […]

DELTA BOHEMIAN GUEST HOUSE – Undergoing Renovation – Opening August 8, 2012

CLARKSDALE, MS – PHOTO GALLERY- Directly behind the Salon de Boheme, present home to Poor William and Magical Madge, sits a red cottage guest house. Both homes were built in the Mississippi Delta in 1917 by John Nause. This little red house has been a respite for many over the years. Let’s look back at […]

NEW ROXY in Clarksdale – Lineup for week of Juke Joint Festival 2012

  NEW ROXY Historic New World District Owner of the unique, open-air music venue NEW ROXY in Clarksdale, Robin Colonas, dropped by the DELTA BOHEMIAN office with her artist friend Ethan Jack Harrington. Meet Robin and Ethan in an impromptu video capture as they talk about their plans for Juke Joint Festival 2012 week. If […]

MUSICIANS IN CLARKSDALE – Aubrey Sweet Thang Powell at Rust Restaurant

  MUSICIANS IN CLARKSDALE Aubrey “Sweet Thang” Powell   Last week the Side Street Steppers, a favorite band at RUST Restaurant, were in town and struck up an impromptu Angel From Montgomery for Aubrey “Sweet Thang” Powellto croon to. If you have been around on the DELTA BOHEMIAN, you will recall an earlier post of […]

MISSISSIPPI DELTA BOHEMIAN ADVENTURES: Just another manic Sunday on the Sunflower River

“Dude, Where’s my canoe?”  VIDEO My canoe, the heavily battle-scarred, aluminum Grumman, fondly known as “Will’s Moonburn”—named after Poor William’s strong, sweet son, who once asked his father, “Dad, can you get moonburn?”—stays at Mr. Little John’s farm or on the banks of the Sunflower River at Quapaw Canoe Company in downtown Clarksdale. Yeah, I […]

A Guillermo Pobreian Sonnet: Happy New Year

  A Guillermo Pobreian Sonnet: Happy New Year By Poor William During this past year Of nakedness and mirth The Delta Bohemian Was given life and birth The genesis was heavy snow And plenty white meat to boot It caused ecclestiastical confusion But Po William gave not a hoot To think a little white meat […]

The Delta Bohemian: Year-end Review: What We Did & Where We Are Headed

The Delta Bohemian (DB) turned one-year old recently! The “brainless child” of Billy and Madge Marley Howell–Poor William and Magical Madge–the DB was established as an organic expression of how the two see and experience the Mississippi Delta and Clarksdale, Mississippi. What is The Delta Bohemian? We consider it a zany, quirky, off-the-wall, always spontaneous, […]

Dealing with Self

Pontificus Minimus Opines Feeling whimsical and blue Find something to do Worried about self Put it on a shelf Think of those without Stop the whine and pout Formulate a plan Lend a helping hand Come across a need Fill it quickly indeed For those of us who are among the world’s fortunate, let’s recognize […]

Portrait of an Art Teacher as a Young Woman

Portrait of an Art Teacher as a Young Woman By Guest Bohemian Alex Hemrick The Delta Bohemian is thrilled to feature an intuitive, humorous reflection by Delta Bohemian Alex Hemrick, a local middle school teacher in the Clarksdale Municipal School District. Alex and her awesome roommate and teacher Kelly West share a fishpond with Poor […]

The Delta Bohemian Occupies Itself

The Delta Bohemian Occupies Itself   WATCH THE VIDEO IN POST Watch the satirical video of Poor William as he occupies The Delta Bohemian and gives his speech to himself on behalf of himself and for himself in spite of himself and beside himself. He sure does seem to like himself, except when he doesn’t. […]