Mississippi Farmer Lil John McKee on his farm near Friars Point, MS

Lil John McKee – farmer in Friars Point, MS in the Mississippi Delta

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  1. Hey Lil John–The Delta Farming Machine!

    Happy Holidays from the Alcorns here in H-Town! We’re taking a little Deep South road trip between Christmas and New Year’s and will be cruising through your neck of the Delta on Monday Dec. 27 and was hoping to stop by Clarksdale or Friar’s Point to pay our respects.

    I’m mighty impressed with your AG column in particular and the Delta Bohemian in general. Hope you’re doing well and your cotton crop is in the gin.

    All Best,


  2. Barbara Young says:

    I was born on John McKee Plantation in 1952.

  3. Barbara, we will tell Mr. Lil John about your comment. I bet you remember him as a boy. He was born in 1960.

    Thanks for reading the Delta Bohemian®

  4. Tammy Branch says:

    Barbara do you know Essie Davis? Her family lived on the plantation as well.

  5. Destiny Minor says:

    My grandmother and her family worked on the plantation in 1955. Her name is Lucille Moore and her parents are Henry and Eddie Moore. I was curious if you had any information on them.

  6. I will share your comment with John McKee and get him to respond. Thanks.

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