Magic Johnson

Radioland Commando By POOR WILLIAM Clarksdale, Mississippi A RADIOLAND AUDIO VIDEO Hey Man, I don’t have much of a jump shot but I can shoot the eyes out of a free throw, still leaving me shorter than NBA legend Magic Johnson. However, everybody’s johnson possesses a little magic.

Whuppin’ Dat Ass Mississippi Delta Style

Reflections on the duality of man By POOR WILLIAM CLARKSDALE, Mississippi (VIDEO) Is “ass-whuppin Christian” an oxymoron? You bet! Why is it so many of us give in to our sinful nature when we get pissed off and want to whup (or in my case, try to whup…) some ass when we become angry at somebody?

The Mississippi Delta is for Killin’ Snakes

Poor William is killin’ snakes of all sorts By POOR WILLIAM CLARKSDALE, Mississippi VIDEO During the summer, I chop! I chop weeds and I kill snakes—both kinds—real and unseen in the Mississippi Delta! One cannot chop weeds in row crops next to the proverbial and always present turn row canal and be too afraid of snakes. […]


By Poor William and Magical Madge CLARKSDALE, MISSISSIPPI  VIDEO IN POST  – Straight from the Hidden Whim Year vault, enjoy this intimate scene where Poor William shows Magical Madge how the Bohemian Party Bulb operates. Poor William: You tell me where it hits you right, baby. Magical Madge: It’s the Party Bulb. How do you make […]

RADIOLAND: A Nugget from the Mississippi Delta

  The Lord Might Scoop You Up   Poor William recorded a new Radioland and wanted to share this little nugget from the Corner Grocery with all our friends who love the Mississippi Delta. Do you have a nugget you would like to share?  

Radioland: Pork Fat in Clarksdale – Need I say more?

  Radioland: Pork Fat in Clarksdale Need I say more? There is a neighborhood grocery located on the corner of Sunflower Ave. and State Street in Clarksdale, Mississippi, which sells the hell out of “meat!” What kind of meat? Not sure! The meat is likely inspected, tasty and no doubt a great deal. Poor William […]

RADIOLAND: …But He Didn’t Get Eaten!

  RADIOLAND:   …But He Didn’t Get Eaten!   Prone to late night conversations about weighty matters, often oiled with liquid feel-good, Magical Madge and Poor William or Pontificus Minimus, depends on who she is fooling around with that night, often engage in dialogue with elements of truth braided with humor and self-deprecating hubris. The […]

The Delta Bohemian Occupies Itself

The Delta Bohemian Occupies Itself   WATCH THE VIDEO IN POST Watch the satirical video of Poor William as he occupies The Delta Bohemian and gives his speech to himself on behalf of himself and for himself in spite of himself and beside himself. He sure does seem to like himself, except when he doesn’t. […]

Radioland: Cold Throb, Hot Pussy

Radioland:   Cold Throb, Hot Pussy   WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! INCLUDES AUDIO/VIDEO!!! Watch Videos at the Bottom of the Post. Relatives, my Mama, my childrens, yo childrens, all childrens, and adults with thin skins and higher standards than Poor William: PROCEED NO FURTHER! I REPEAT, STOP HERE! DO NOT READ THIS POST […]

One More Time…

Poor William was basking in some atypical, long-overdue afterglow last night, when he remembered what an ass he had been last weekend. The tempestuous lad had been in quite a hurry to head home after a wonderful evening soiree, where his awesome bride of mythical proportions had been having a fine time. He was a […]

Rickles: The Greendale Arsonist

DELTA SHORTS:   Rickles: The Greendale Arsonist By WILLIAM PRENTISS   Any similarity between the arsonist at work in Clarksdale, Mississippi at present and this sordid tale of one delusional man’s poor understanding of scripture and what constitutes “loving thy neighbor” is purely fictional and coincidental. There are two tales–one real one not. The real […]

Miss Sylvia’s Voice Message for Mr. Howell

(Clarksdale, Mississippi)  →RADIOLAND VIDEO INCLUDED← Poor William in his role as innkeeper for the Clark House Residential Inn located in the historic district of downtown Clarksdale, Mississippi fields a bevy of calls daily from all over the world. Folks love Clarksdale–birthplace of the blues. One lady from Water Valley, Mississippi called last week and left […]