MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Delta Bohemian!!!!

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Money Gruber

RADIOLAND VIDEO – Money Grubbin’ Ain’ Ok By POOR WILLIAM Clarksdale, Mississippi RADIOLAND VIDEO about Money Grubbin’ with a shout out to Jonathan Gruber Sometimes ya just gotta see the humor in things in order not to cry like the rare bureaucrat with a pink slip. Regardless of your political persuasion or your feelings about hot-button […]

Clarksdale Garden Club and an Old Nun Prayer

Poor William was the only dude at the meeting By POOR WILLIAM Clarksdale, Mississippi I did it! I attended a meeting of the Clarksdale Garden Club! My lovely wife, Magical Madge Marley Howell, invited me to tag along and help her film a holiday presentation by our good friend, Marilyn Trainor Storey, Mississippi Design Maven. Don’t […]

IT Will Get You if You Let IT

Words of wisdom from Mattie Louise Tomlinson via Martha Jane By POOR WILLIAM Clarksdale, Mississippi A RADIOLAND VIDEO IT! What IT is? IT is what IT is! That’s IT! But also, IT is a personal, genderless, subjective or objective pronoun. IT takes the place of a noun and often refers back to some object in the […]

Mississippi Delta Snow Geese

A poem by Poor William with a Video By POOR WILLIAM Clarksdale, Mississippi. (VIDEO) Deep browns surround Winter wheat sprouts verdant Spring not far, yet unseen Hope is lofty, but not restricted

Time on the Mississippi River with Huck and Jim

Plus a Host of Philosophers By POOR WILLIAM Clarksdale, Mississippi   (VIDEOS with PHOTOS) “Is it necessary to cut rope and are your only true and trustworthy companions castaways?” John Ruskey, guiding a seminar discussion about Huckleberry Finn Well? This known rope cutter believes this is a mighty fine question for above-and-beyond ruminations.

Poor William Loves Water – Hot or Cold

Water Matters By POOR WILLIAM Clarksdale, Mississippi    (VIDEO!!) Hey Man, I just can’t seem to get enough water. Must be the Delta boy in me, or maybe it’s just the inherent need to be baptized, often. I ain’ real sure! My Mama always said when I was taking extra-long showers that I was washin’ […]

Don’t Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down

Good words to remember By POOR WILLIAM CLARKSDALE, Mississippi  VIDEOS INCLUDED Spirit draggers, I can’t stand ‘em and yet I “are” one! My lovely wife Madge Marley Howell sang a powerful bluesy song during the offertory at church on Sunday. Padre Bill Gleason accompanied on guitar and Alice Hasen played violin. “Don’t Ever Let Nobody Drag […]

Matagorda Dringling

Delta Bohemian® Back Road Excursion with local ladies By POOR WILLIAM Clarksdale, Mississippi Recently, I had the privilege of taking a covey of local ladies, superbly seasoned with intellect, on a Delta Bohemian® Back Road Excursion. Identities can’t be revealed as they might eviscerate me with a literary quill, and I hate when that happens! These […]

Celebrating Unity and Diversity in the Mississippi Delta

Delta Bohemian: Things are changin’ By POOR WILLIAM Clarksdale, Mississippi “Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!”  —  Psalm 133:1 The initial Delta Bohemian® tagline: Celebrating the Constancy and Diversity in the Mississippi Delta is still real, true, and spot on, but we are changing Constancy to Unity! Why?

Mississippi Delta Deer Feelin’ Groovy in a Soybean Field

Answering the Call of the Great White North By POOR WILLIAM Clarksdale, Mississippi (VIDEO) Huh? Great White North? Eh? I thought you were in the Deep Green South! Mr. Lil John, his audacious brother Bunny (Platoon), who will likely not speak to me for mentioning him in a post, but maybe it’s ok this time, and I […]

Stages of a Cotton Plant

With a Pigweed Addendum By POOR WILLIAM Clarksdale, Mississippi (VIDEO) We love cotton in the Mississippi Delta. We grow it, wear it, think about it, talk about it and are thankful for it. It is a complicated, expensive crop to grow, but the fruiting process makes for some pretty scenery and the product blesses the […]